As in all markets, digitization has also made its appearance on the florist market. While the purchasing channels for the sector used to be limited, the possibilities in 2021 have become endless. Today we introduce you to Blommor, a new player on the Swedish market.

There is a positive mood in horticulture. Demand is strong for most products, so growers get good prices (on average). This applies especially to floriculture and fruit. Horticulture is benefiting from the massive refurbishment of home workplaces and gardens during the corona pandemic. Events are slowly starting up again and exports to the United Kingdom are holding up well.

Before and after the digitization of the florist market

About 20 years ago, the number of channels where you could purchase online flowers and plants as a florist was quite limited in Europe. You could get up early and buy yourself at the (florist’s) clock, you could opt for cash & carry where you could purchase a nice range of pre-selected flowers in peace, or you had a liner driver pass by and you chose from a limited range of flowers.

Supply of flowers and plants to your home

As in all markets in Europe, online digitization has also made its appearance on the florist markets. The purchase options have become endless in Sweden and other European countries. Not only do the existing offline platforms such as the auction and cash & carry now also have online webshops and purchase channels with a home delivery service. Numerous purely digital purchasing platforms have also emerged, where you can order directly or indirectly from growers and have your order delivered to your home within 24 hours, or even 8 hours.

Pricing of flower products is good in Europe

There is good demand for different types of flower products in almost all horticultural sectors in Europe. As a result, the (daily) prices of the products are also clearly higher than we are used to in Europe. We expect prices to rise slightly in due course. A few specific flower products, such as white cut roses, special herbs, or exotic mushrooms, still suffer from the restrictions in the food service and event industry due to COVID-19. Sufficient staff in Europe is available for the harvest for this season. The expectations for the rest of the year, therefore, remain positive.

Today we would like to introduce you to a recent player: Blommor

Blommor is a digital purchasing platform (webshop) for florists in Sweden. Every day (24/7) the florist can choose from a wide range of flowers and plants online and purchase them directly from affiliated growers and online suppliers. There are currently about 40,000 products in all categories of flowers and plants available. The advantage of this way of ordering is that you get the products fresh from the grower, so you can count on excellent quality. Blommor checks the products for good quality and correctness before shipments. You can buy dried flowers everywhere in the world. Blommor in Sweden is one of the major players in dried flowers. Dried flowers are called torkade blommor in Swedish.

What do Florists usually sell to clients?

Florists sell flowers, plants, flower arrangements, pots, and related products to consumers and businesses. Horticultural supplies, including fertilizers, potting soil, pesticides, horticultural seeds, and the like are also available in various flower shops.