The Right Bikini For Plus Size Women

Peek-a-boo Halter Straps Tankini
Peek-a-boo Halter Straps Tankini

Having the right bikini can make such a huge difference, and it can boost your confidence level. Women nowadays (especially plus size beauties) are limited to only a few sites & stores, which is a shame since inclusivity is important, and no one should feel left out. However, with our guidelines and some tips and tricks, as well as a few recommendations on where to shop, you will be able to get the swimwear of your dreams! Say bye to grandma looking cover-ups, and enjoy your feminine choices. Interested? Continue reading.

How To Find Your Ideal Bikini?

1. The Search

Never settle for less! And although sometimes the search can seem endless and difficult, it is important to stay persistent. Also, it is better to pay a higher price for the right kind regarding fabric, as well as style, since quality is a lot more important in your case, and not quantity! The more money you pay, the better quality you will receive, and the more it will last you. If you want to enjoy your bikini for a few more years, make sure you invest in it and make sure you do your online research.

2. The Right Style

The right style should be something that enhances your curves. You will look the best in those old and classy 50’s style swimwear, as well as in two-pieces. Do you know those old but gold bikinis which feature a high waist, a lot of support at the lower part, and a lot of space for your breasts? These will suit you no matter the size you are and will look curvy on every woman. However, if you want something a bit different no worries, the next paragraph will help you choose.

3. Different Body Shape 

As previously mentioned in one of our articles, there are several different body shapes, and you should determine which one is yours. This means that not every lady can wear just one style of bikini as good as some other women can. For instance, if you want to make your hips pop make sure you focus on finding the right bottoms. If you want to enhance your breasts make sure your top is the right size for your cleavage and that it doesn’t leave you with a uni-boob.

4. Different Colors

If you prefer mono-colored bikinis that is great, but how about you experiment this time and play a bit with some color? Women of curves usually look the best with some darker prints and interesting designs all over! You should wear a brighter colored bikini top with some prints, such as pineapples, flowers, or whatever suits your taste if you want to draw attention to the upper portion. The same goes for the bottom part, or you can wear a bikini which is mono-colored at one place and super bright on other.

5. Different Cuts

Your bikini can be differently cut, asymmetrical, or you can even go for a push-up top. Strut your favorite body part and make it pop by wearing a lower cut top (if you are enhancing your breasts), or you can go for a high-necked swimsuit if you want to tuck your breasts in. However, make sure you even this out and balance it by adding some detail, such as a see-through mesh fabric, or anything which is sheer or wavy and fun on top. Closed and tight swimsuits might give out an opposite effect of what you are looking for, so keep that in mind.

6. Ruched Fabrics

Almost every woman will look lovely and super feminine in ruched fabric, as well as in wraps. These can be a great distraction, yet will flatter your figure on the sides, at the front, or in the back. Just make sure that your choice is comfy, and rather go for a size up than you’d normally do since these can shrink when exposed to water.

7. Sizing

Always remember that every brand is different, which means that not everyone’s sizing is the same. You can be a size 18 in one brand, but maybe a size 20 in another. Just make sure you read the sites sizing info, as well as customer reviews to get your perfect fit. If you are trying stuff out at the store you should ask the worker for some help, and don’t be shy, they will gladly help you out.

What To Choose?

In the end, we’ve gathered top 3 options that you might want to consider, such as:

1. Safe Choice – Black 

This one-piece features those ruched details that we’ve been talking about, plus it comes with the right deep V cut, along with some interesting details on the chest area! Quite affordable and easy to pull off by any body shape, or color. This is a risky swimwear, yet safe enough since it comes in the classic black color.

2. Attention Seeking – Neon

If you want to be remembered as ‘that girl’ on the beach, make sure you reach out for this hot and bright blue two-piece. This bikini features a lot of support due to its high waisted bottoms and is quite flattering on the upper portion if you want to enhance your breasts.

3. A Pop Of Style – Polka Dot

Lastly, you can choose this one-piece swimsuit with black & white polka dot details. It is very playful, fun, unique, and easy to style, as long as you are not afraid of attention and bold looks. It features cut outs, high waisted bottoms, as well as adjustable straps. This bikini will suit curvier women and those who don’t mind a lot of looks.