Anime has always been a part of people’s childhood, and even grownups still enjoy watching these shows. The variety of anime available is so expansive, and each show is a combination of several themes such as adventure, fantasy, romance, and drama, among others. With the abundant selection of animes today, everyone in the family will surely have an anime that they will enjoy.

Themes of Anime

As the name may suggest, anime is animation. The unfamiliar ones may quickly judge it as just a Japanese cartoon that only children watch. However, even the most casual enthusiast will be quick to debate with you on that. Yes, there are anime for kids, but the majority is for mature audiences.

The themes of anime are akin to those you would see on dramas or thrillers, but these mature themes go to grander themes. Because anime is non-live, it has more creative freedom. Some shows have no qualms with depicting violence. Take, for example, Inuyasha. The titular character often finds himself in violent fights against malicious demons. Scenes of bodies falling and blood spilling are common.

On the other hand, you have animes about armed-conflict. Behind the waging battles underlies anti-war themes. They show the immorality of using child soldiers, civilians finding themselves in the crossfire, and the exhaustion of lives and resources for the sake of a conflict that has dragged on for so long it has lost its meaning.

Anime Teaches and Inspires

Besides the graphic nature and themes that can pierce your soul, anime also brings with it morals that can heal. Within the adventures and fighting that happens in Inuyasha is the romance and character development that occurs between the titular character and Kagome. Beyond the violence, politics, and nihilism in war, anime is the belief that humanity can better itself and move past beyond armed conflict when resolving issues.

Valuing life and friendship are also prevalent lessons that anime showcases. Because conflict is a recurring theme in many anime, character deaths are common. The thought of someone you care about can disappear unexpectedly teaches you to cherish the time that you have for yourself and others. However, despite death often peering in the corner, anime characters would unwaveringly travel to the ends of the world for their loved ones. When someone they care about is in danger, even facing the armies of hell matters not to them.

Honor and integrity, virtues that are core to Japanese culture and tradition, also find themselves in anime. When protagonists say they will do something, they keep their word on it. If they say they will stick with others until the end, you had better believe that the only thing that will separate them is either death or the series finale.

With all the adventures and challenges that often plague anime characters, there is no shortage of depictions of perseverance. Protagonists would spend much of the series training to learn a single technique. The weak eventually becomes strong after years of hard work, and even when they do, they always find that there is room for improvement.

Regardless of your age and background, with the variety of anime out there, there is certainly something that will appeal to you.