Sähköpotkulauta (Finnish) or Electric Kickboards

These days, the use of transportations is being more in demand. Transportation also lets people trade and communicate. Electric kickboards are also a means of transportation. Sähköpotkulauta or mobile kickboards are much easier and faster to use than normal kickboards. Kickboards are popularly used by students when they are making their way to school and also by riders who deliver orders and other customer necessities. Kickboards are not just convenient as a form of transportation but also for those who are working who can’t afford to buy a car to bring to their working place or office.

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Why people are using electric kickboards

The use of electric kickboards is also an essential and fun means of transportation, but it is very important to follow traffic laws especially when outside residential areas. The increase of bikes and electric kickboards raises importance on road rules. This sustainable mobility does not help just in the environment but it can also save space in roads and it won’t cause problems especially in traffic. This rises the newest trend in using alternative and sustainable mobility like electric kickboards. Unlike other cars and motorcycles, electric kickboards don’t create noise that much.

Why is it important to use electric kickboards

Electric Kickboards are relatively eco-friendly

Fuels coming from vehicles cause deterioration of the environment. The environment is getting worse because gasoline-powered vehicles cause pollution. People, especially the environmentalist, want something to do to lessen the harm from mobility. For the past years, mobility causes serious pollution and people kept on searching to find a sustainable solution until the electric kickboards came up. Motorized vehicles have been spreading their presence as it is considered as an eco-friendly means of transportation.


The use of electric kickboards can be a source of relaxation if you want to move around and take a little sightseeing. Riding an electric kickboard can be fun at the same time it serves its purpose in terms of transportation.


Mobility devices such as electric kickboards may increase the involvement in both physical and social activities outside the home that users would have been unable to participate in without the use of this mobile vehicle. Electric kickboards are recommended for moving short-distance transportation for performing daily tasks.


A mobility or electric kickboard may be an answered prayer to some individuals who are having a problem getting around while avoiding fatigue or pain. You don’t need to walk in a way a lot, instead use this electric mobile to fill up the distance, whenever you are supposed to go to school, meet up with your friends or anyone, and deliver goods. The use of motorized vehicles like electric kickboards can be the best choice to have.

Avoid Traffic Jam

Electric kickboards are in the spotlight recently and have many advantages. This smart mobility is Electric kickboards are less bulky than electric scooters which makes it efficient especially when you are riding to the narrow streets. This sustainable mobility does not help just in the environment but it can also save space in roads and it won’t cause problems especially in traffic. Electric kickboard riders should always follow the traffic and road rules because they are under motorized bicycles.


One of the main reasons why people choose electric kickboards because they can save up money more than when they are using a car. Electric kickboards are quality products that can fit in even with a low budget. And because of their simple feature and structure, these rarely require maintenance. There are also called “Shared Electric Kickboards” that can be rented by those who can’t afford to buy brand new electric kickboards.

Time saver

You can save more travel time than waiting for a bus ride. Also, electric kickboards are very user friendly because it is not more difficult to operate than other motorized vehicles. If you are going to deliver nearby, the use of electric kickboards can help you deliver quickly and be able to do a lot more things because you already save time than walking.

Risk of using Electric Kickboards


Electric kickboard riders are not allowed to take their ride on a sidewalk because these mobile kickboards are considered motorized bicycles.


As the use and sale of electric kickboards arise, a number of these motorized kickboards are being a problem especially to open spaces and other parking lots, because users tend to place their mobile whenever they want.

The use of kickboards can cause possible incidents but riders should also be responsible on how they follow traffic rules or even the smallest rule of roads to avoid encountering these possibilities. Kickboards need to have their own indicator signal warning that should be used especially when you face traffic to ensure the safety of both riders and other vehicle drivers.


Electric kickboards play an abundant role in everyday living especially to the students, workers, e-mobile players when it comes to transportation. This sustainable mobility enables people to communicate with others and trade much easier than walking in a long way. It also has a place in the sustainable environment because it won’t produce fuels that can harm the surroundings. With electric kickboards, you don’t need to worry a lot about saving up to use something for transportation. You can purchase it at a very low price but still be considered as quality products or also rent when you don’t have enough to buy a new one.

Kickboards are not just convenient as a form of transportation but also for those who are working who can’t afford to buy a car to bring to their working place or office. With this progressive sustainable mobility solution, it will have a big impact not just by the means of transportation but on the environment as it will become a future necessity that people will ask for more. If you are someone who’s undecided whether you are going to purchase electric kickboards or not, may this article provide the information you need about the convenience and risk of riding a motorized vehicle?