Anyone can experience hair loss. Hair loss is a condition that occurs when more hair is lost than daily growth. Many cases of hair loss are caused by the hair not continuing to grow, leading to baldness, which is common in men. You may have read somewhere that using creatine can lead to hair loss. So let’s find out why creatine causes hair loss and how to improve the look of hair.

Creatine Hair Loss

Hair loss can affect only the scalp or the entire body (hair loss). The cause of a lot of hair loss is genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or unwanted effects of drugs such as creatine. Creatine is a popular nutritional and sports supplement. Keep reading to learn more about what creatine hair loss is.

Creatine is a nitrogen-containing organic acid produced in the liver that helps fuel cells throughout the body – especially muscle cells. It is made up of three amino acids: L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine.

Creatine is transported through the bloodstream by an active transportation system, which is then used by muscles with high energy needs, such as the brain and skeletal muscle. Creatine’s in the human body is stored in skeletal muscle.

Effects of Creatine

Not only is creatine used by athletes to improve their overall performance, but can also help treat a wide range of neuromuscular and degenerative neuromuscular disorders, such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, congestive heart failure, and depression, in addition to improving cognitive abilities.

Creatine supplementation is often used by athletes for its effectiveness in intense training. When muscles hold more creatine, it means your muscles will get stronger and can recover faster on their own. Creatine acts as a powerful helper, plays an essential role in the energy supply of muscle tissue, and enhances athletic performance.

Why do people experience it?

Scientists have proven that the hair loss problem in creatine is real. The main reason is that the amount of DHT in the body increases during the use of creatine when exercising. DHT, which stands for Dihydrotestosterone (5α – Dihydrotestosterone), a male sex hormone. DHT is found in the adrenal glands, hair follicles, testicles, and prostate.

An imbalance between DHT and Testosterone is a key cause of hair loss. At the hairline, DHT binds to special receptors of hair follicles, making the hair follicles smaller and disappear, and the hair falls out easily. DHT also stimulates the overactive sebum glands, making the hair roots weak, and the hair is easily pulled out of the scalp.

However, 95% of baldness is hereditary, and only 5% is due to other causes

Today, medications, hair transplant therapy, or Scalp Micropigmentation can be used to treat hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation – the best creatine hair loss solution

Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that uses micro-tattoos to stimulate hair follicles that are cut close to the scalp. This is a new technique effectively solving cosmetic problems for people with hair loss caused by creatine or those who are bald due to genetics. The process of scalp micropigmentation is almost similar to a tattoo, the hair follicles are stimulated by microscopic holes with a completely natural appearance.

The purpose of scalp micropigmentation is to regenerate the natural hair follicles and thicken the thin, thin sections of the hair. The technician implants natural colored pigments into the epidermis of the scalp. Micro pigments create shadow and depth through a series of layered dots of different blacks. These layered dots are no larger than the size of your natural hair follicle. This allows them to blend seamlessly into your existing hair.

The micropigmentation uses an electric tattoo device with a micro-needle tip, creating very natural-looking effects that reduce visible signs of hair loss. After healing, scalp micropigmentation will create a chain of small hair follicles like a sheen layer of newly shaved hair. You will achieve the natural look immediately after treatment.

However, it should be noted that scalp micropigmentation does not promote new hair growth. This method hides the areas of the scalp that have lost their hair. Scalp micropigmentation is a highly technical treatment, so you need to find out and choose a reputable place to deposit your hair.

Our advice for your safety: You need to do some research to make sure your technician is occupationally certified and their blood test is free from infectious diseases. In addition, the center where you go for treatment needs a regulatory medical license. The treatment area should be clean and the needle used should be packed separately.

Although the results of scalp micropigmentation will fade after 3 to 5 years, it is still chosen by many people with hair loss as a cure because of its amazing benefits.

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation for Creatine Hair Loss

Safe treatment for your hair loss situation

Restore your confidence with a natural hair look: No one will know that you’ve used scalp micropigmentation. After treatment, you can come back to work immediately with a natural appearance.

No worries about reacting to tattoo ink or affecting your health.

This is a safe, less invasive method to the body due to non-surgical reasons.

Affordable fee in converse with other methods: about 1/3 less than hair transplantation, and no medications.

How to maintain a natural effect after scalp micropigmentation

Choose your scalp micropigmentation artist wisely

Plan your hairline and make the right choices

Plan your scalp micro-pigmentation treatment day carefully

Do not leave water or moisture on the scalp for 10 days after the treatment. Then, you can maintain basic hygiene and cleanliness for your scalp.

Protect your treatment from strong UV rays


If you suffer from hair loss and thin hair, you will not regret scalp micropigmentation. There are many benefits to SMP. This is a life-changing treatment, effective for almost all hair loss conditions, to boost your confidence.

To learn more about scalp micro pigmentation, please contact us on this page. Remember that this is just the first step to getting started on your quest to find the perfect look for your hair again. We are always ready to accompany you.