Things you’ve been doing wrong since eternity! It’s time to correct them.


We all do many things in our day to day lives. While some are done correctly, we’re doing others wrongly without even knowing that it is the wrong way! If I list down the things that you might be doing incorrectly, you’ll be surprised to see that you might be using the cutlery, holding a glass of wine, or even holding your favorite burger in the wrong manner!!

Here are some ways of correcting those things, if you like to live according to rules, have a look at them:

Keep the wavy side of the bobby pin down, and flat side up!

Cut the watermelon crosswise to retain its juice!

The right way of eating cupcake will blow your mind!

Hold the glass of wine in this manner!

Coil the earphones above your ear as shown below!

What if I tell you that you’ve been holding your pen incorrectly all this time.

Even crossing out words has its way!

Superimpose the word you wish to cross with more letters!

And that’s how you should apply eyeliner!!

How to eat a cheesy snack to avoid cheese getting on your hands.

Put bread upside down and then slice!

While eating the burger, place your little finger and thumb below the burger to prevent it from falling apart!

Untying a knot correctly.