Check Out What Your Feet Reveal About Your Health


See what your feet reveal about your health? Most of us did not know that we can get to know about our health issues by noticing our feet. You do not need to become a doctor for this. You only check out the warning signs to look when it occurs at your feet that we have mentioned in this article.

This Is What Your Feet Reveal About Your Health

1. Hairless feet

Check Out What Your Feet Reveal About Your Health

Most of the people regardless of their gender, have a few hairs on their feet, especially on the toes. Some people have smoother feet without any hair on their feet. This could be the sign of severe circulation problems in your body.

This usually happens due to cardiovascular disease like arteriosclerosis that makes your arteries harder and your heart feels challenging to pump the blood effectively all around your body. Your heart goes into the recovery mode when this type of situation takes place. In the recovery mode, the heart distributes the blood to the vital organs of your body.

2. Sunken or Koilonychia toenails

It is a nail disease in which your nails become abnormally thin and also lose their convexity. Your nails become flat or concave in shape and look like a spoon. It starts in the middle of the nail which makes the edges round in shape.

It happens due to iron deficiency, or we can also call it anaemia which is the blood disorder in the world.

It can also cause additional severe health problems like fatigue, shortness of breath, pale skin, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, and many more if the iron deficiency remains untreated.

3. Long-term sores

If there are open sores or wounds on your foot and they take time to get heal, then they could be the sign of diabetes. These types of sores are called diabetes ulcers. People with diabetes should understand that there can be severe problems if they leave the wounds untreated for a long time. So

  • You need to get immediate medical care for the open wounds.
  • To better control your diabetes, work with a medical professional.

4. Cold feet

Abnormal cold feet without any reason can be the sign of thyroid dysfunction. This can result in heart disease, poor blood circulation, and very stiff vasculature. This happens because the essential nutrients in the blood vessels do not reach the entire body organs.

5. Yellow toenails

This is the result of the fungal infection. One of the leading causes of fungal infection is bad hygiene. To prevent this, keep your footwear clean and dry. If you think that it is the infection, then visit the doctor for the excellent remedy.

6. Numbness

It is the result of the long-term compilation of diabetes. If the nervous system gets damaged, it causes problems in the several parts of your body. It is usually the result of high blood glucose level in your body.

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7. Sore foot joints

It is also known as rheumatoid arthritis. This is the condition when your immune system mistakenly damages your body tissues. The inflammation caused due to this can be treated with the modern medications. If you think that you are experiencing something like this, visit the doctor for the treatment as soon as possible.

8. Flaky feet

It is an inflammatory skin disease that affects the sole and the skin between the toes. It is the result of a contagious fungal infection that happens due to walking barefoot in the public areas, swimming pools, nail salons.

9. Digital clubbing

Due to any medical conditions, physical changes take place in the fingernails. This can happen due to several conditions. If you see any symptom of this condition, visit the doctor immediately.

10. Toes that change their colour

The prime feature of this condition is that the clour of your feet gets changed. This happens due to the disturbance in the blood circulation.

11. Red and painful soles

This condition can be a sign of deep vein thrombosis. This condition takes place when a piece of blood clot break into the bloodstream, and one of the blood vessels get blocked in the lungs. It usually happens in the people more than the age of 50 years.

12. Feet that become deformed

This condition can be the sign of gout. It means that you have the higher level of uric acid in your body. One of the most certain causes of this is dehydration.