Check Out What Brittle Nails say About Your Health


What Brittle Nails say About Your Health? According to the various studies, your nails can reveal a lot about your health. Sometimes, a nail problem can show the serious medical condition. The change in the colour and the texture of your nail can be the sign of heart, lungs or the nervous system disease.

It has rightly said that if you spot the illness earlier, it is always easy to cure it. Your nails are not only for the beauty of your hands. The nails are also connected to the system of your entire body. Here are some of the signs about your nails that can tell you about the health problems and we have also given you some tips to maintain your nails.

Have a look at brittle nails say about your health issues.

1. Fungal infection

Check Out What Brittle Nails say About Your Health

If your nails are thick, brittle, discoloured or yellowish, this would mean that they are probably damaged with the fungus. The same condition is more likely to appear on your toes than on your fingernails. Do not walk barefoot in the lockers or in any public places to prevent the fungal infection on your toes. Moreover, always keep your shoes clean and dry.

If there is any other infection, visit a dermatologist and follow their recommendations.

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2. Thyroid disease

The brittle and dry nails that get easily cracked and split can be the one reason for thyroid problems. It is a gland that produces several important hormones. The malfunctioning of this gland influences your weight, height, and also your body temperature. This condition becomes so serious that you need to visit the doctor and follow their instructions.

3. Anaemia

If you have the brittle nails and cold hands and feet, this can be the sign of anaemia. In this condition, you feel weakness, dizziness, headaches, irregular heartbeat and the chest pain. There are many reasons for the cause of anaemia like heavy menstruation, pregnancy, iron deficiency, deficiency of vitamin B12, and chronic kidney diseases. To prevent anaemia, one should intake the diet rich in iron like fish, beans, liver and lean red meat.

Moreover, should also visit your doctor and consult him about whether you can take vitamin B12 supplements or not and is there need to reduce coffee intake.

4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder or stress

Many people among us have the habit of biting their nails when they are nervous. Whether it is any stressful moment, your nails do not like the stress and become disfigured and brittle. Your hands become dirty, and the dirty hands are the source of bacteria.

If there is a nervous disorder, you need to consult your doctor fast and take a diagnosis from him. You need to develop healthy habits if you want to protect your nails from being bitten. Instead of bitting your nails you can chew low sugar gum or can use a wrist training rubber band to low down your stress.

5. Psoriasis

Yellowing red nails and splitting nails are the signals of psoriasis. This is the serious medical condition that brings amid itchy red bumps on your skin. Now there are many treatments for this condition like cream, pills, laser and light therapy. You need to visit a dermatologist who can check your condition and will suggest you the best treatment.

6. Arthritis

Pitted nails and that get easily split may be the symptom of arthritis. Due to this disease, your body pains a lot and also have swollen joints. This disease affects more women than the men though men’s condition is severe with this disease. Genetics heavily influences this condition.

The best treatment for arthritis is medication and exercises that will keep your joints healthy. Moreover, also consult your doctor to suggest you the best remedy for this.

Essential tips to keep your nails strong

  • Always keep your nails moisturised. Moreover, use the beauty products that contain vitamin E.
  • When cleaning the dishes, wear the gloves.
  • Avoid the nail polish removers that contain acetone or formaldehyde. These make your nails dry.
  • Use the hand balms with phospholipids, urea, and lactic acid.