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Anytime unwanted pests infest a home, dangerous consequences ensue. Pests bring disease, leave their droppings and skins behind, and destroy homes and belongings. Termites are one of the most destructive pests, as they eat the wood that makes your home’s structure. Termites can be just as dangerous to your body as they are to your home. Here are six health dangers of an ongoing termite infestation.

Signs of a termite infestation

Termites leave clear signs when they move into your home. Homeowners often see telltale symptoms like termite mud tubes before seeing the bugs themselves. If you see mud tubes, you should call a professional exterminator, as they can take care of the problem without putting your family or pets in danger.

Professional exterminators are trained to remove pests from homes. It might cost more to hire a professional, but you have the comfort of knowing they’ll eradicate the infestation. When you hire a professional, you can help prevent the health dangers that termites bring.

Skin conditions

Termite droppings can cause contact dermatitis that can result in an itchy rash. Usually, it takes a few exposures for a rash to develop, which is why it is so crucial to remove termites as soon as you detect them in your home.


As termites eat the wood in your home, the wood around the affected area starts to decompose and develop mold, which is a common allergen. People with mold allergies often have asthma, so they can begin to wheeze when the mold spores get into their lungs. Breathing in mold spores can also cause headaches, coughing, and more.

Lung disease

People with lung diseases can worsen their problems when exposed to termites, droppings, and mold. When inhaling mold and termite droppings, people with lung diseases can cough and wheeze, exacerbating their existing problems.


While termites are busy chewing on the wood in your home, they can also chew on wiring. The chewed wires can become dangerous as they pose an electrocution hazard. These exposed wires can also start electrical fires that can burn down your entire home.

The chewed wires can short-circuit your electrical system, and some termites can also build their nests around the cables, causing more issues that could create faults or other dangerous problems.

Bites and stings

Soldier termites are tasked with protecting their nests, so they will bite if threatened. Termite bites do not cause death, but they can swell and become painful. People with allergies can have allergic reactions to bites and stings.

DIY pesticide poisoning

Some homeowners can harm themselves when they decide to try DIY pest treatments. Often, the treatments have a poison pesticide that can be harmful to humans when misused.

Final word

Before termites become a problem, it’s a good idea to hire a pesticide company that can effectively remove them. When you try to take care of these wood-eating bugs yourself, you risk not performing the job correctly. If you don’t want to turn your home into a house of cards, it’s best to remain vigilant and hire a professional pest control company at the first sign of termites.