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The best way to nail a beach side look is wearing straw hats! Straw hats are brim hats that are woven from straw or similar materials. Mostly, it’s made from plant synthetics that protect the sun from heat. Consequently, the hats are used as a stylish accessory by adding ribbons or other decorative elements on them.

This classic piece has been worn in Asia and Europe since the middle ages. It’s a preferable style piece because it’s lightweight. These hats have fine openings that allow for ventilation and cooling even in hot summers. The tight weave in straw hats allows for minimal sunlight to pass through the straw hat that gives sun protection.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the top 8 straw hats for women that are perfect for styling a summer look:

(1). Women’s Milan straw Fedora – What can be more classic than this one? The Women’s Milan straw Fedora Hat was designed for protection from the sun during outdoor events. It is a blend of Panama-style hats and total comfort. Also, this hat is crafted from high-quality and durable straw-like material.

(2). Women’s Barcelona sun hat – The women’s Barcelona sun hat is a hat made from harder material. So, it’s more durable in protection from the weather. At the same time, it is lightweight and Handcrafted for better pairing with summer outfits.

(4). Seville cowboy hat – How about a hat with fur felt quality? The Seville cowboy hat is a tapered classic hat. Originally, it was made in Spain. The Seville cowboy hat has a cowboy style for a more raw yet contemporary vibe. Also, this hat gives a mysterious and unique look.

(5). Georgia straw sun hat – Looking for a hat for summer vacations and laid-back weekends? The Georgia straw sun hat is effortless in styling and made with Panama straw for complete protection from harmful U/V rays.

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(6). Women’s Florence sun hat – A women’s Florence sun hat has a wide brim for improved styling and sun protection. This eco-friendly hat is self-cool in summers for outdoor activities and adventures. This hat is lightweight and Handcrafted for perfect comfort.

(7). Cozumel sun hat – Cozumel sun hat is a hat inspired by straw boater hats. It has a stiff crown with a wide brim. This hat is a blend of straw-like material with breathable cotton that makes it distinct from others.

(8). Everglades palm top hat – Looking for a hat with a rustic vibe? The Everglades palm top hat is made from a combination of straw in the shape of a top hat. The natural undertones and lightweight material make it suitable to pair with pastel and bright-colored outfits.

(9). Big river straw hat – The big River hat has a timeless modern appeal with a vented crown. It’s made from stained raffia straw and a fully vented crown. Additionally, this straw hat has an interior sweatband and double-layer woven hatband.

(10). Women’s seagrass straw hat – Seagrass straw hat is made from a special seagrass straw hat that is directly harvested from the ocean floor. The hat is eco-friendly with a sophisticated appearance.

All these hats are very comfortable, stylish, and quality hats. One of the biggest problems with accessories is the lack of versatility. But, women’s straw hats are versatile and can be paired with nearly all kinds of outfits. These hats are timeless with intricate styling ability.

You can get countless kinds of straw hats that are the ultimate solution for protection from sunburns. Also, it’s durable because they are resistant to tear and shear. At the same time, it’s easy to clean and maintain. It makes a woman look more elegant and gives a subtle nod to her spring glow. So, why wait? Get yourself any straw hat from the above-mentioned kinds and elevate your beauty.