The number of modifications you want to make to your bike is directly related to the length of time you’ve been riding. The longer you’ve had your bike, the longer your list, and that list probably also includes motorcycle apparel. Whether you’re looking to turn heads or boost performance, here are the top three mods for the Honda CBR300.

Exhaust System

Depending on your noise preferences, there are some excellent aftermarket exhaust systems to consider. You can replace the entire system or try a slip-on muffler, which essentially replaces the muffler that came standard on your bike. If you want a full system, you can choose from these main material components:

  • Aluminum: Its biggest benefit is not weighing as much as other exhausts
  • Stainless steel: A rugged material that is durable and looks great too
  • Carbon fiber: More heat-resistant than other material, but less durable as well
  • Titanium: Strong and heat-resistant, but also more expensive

If you’re after a specific sound as well as some of the above features, invest a little time in online research for aftermarket parts for Honda CBR300. Visit YouTube and search for each brand to hear the sounds it makes.

Frame Protection

You paid good money for your bike, and the last thing you want to see are scratches on the body. Keep your bike looking nice by preventing ugly scuff marks with the use of frame sliders. There are different types of frame sliders, and you’ll want to get some of each kind.

  • Swingarm sliders: If you have a motorcycle stand at the rear of your bike, swing arm sliders prevent scratches from the stand.
  • Axle sliders: If you have a stand in the front part of the bike, axle sliders can be used on the axle near the front wheel to protect that area.
  • Bar-end sliders: These sliders are used on the ends of the throttle handlebars and clutch.
  • Fairing sliders: Fasten these sliders to the engine mount bolts on either side of the bike to protect the fairing.

While most of these are easy to install, you may need help cutting and installing the fairing slider. The price of sliders is minimal when compared to the protection they offer, so they are a wise investment, no matter how carefully you ride. Be sure to get them for your quad, too, when you shop for UTV riding gear and accessories.


Add to your coolness factor with an aerodynamic windscreen that is guaranteed to draw attention. Sleek and futuristic windshields can be added to enhance the streamlined look of your bike, and add to its aerodynamics by giving you a long and low-profile “bubble” to crouch behind on the road. Windshields are relatively inexpensive and a great way to generate “oohs” and “ahs” from bystanders.
Many Upgrade Options
Depending on your list and how much time and money you want to invest, the list of options for upgrading your Honda CBR300 is endless. Once you have the look you want in your bike, be sure to look for motorcycle apparel that goes with it. With advancements in materials and design, your fresh clothing items can also protect you when you ride.