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Kids have a distinct idea of how they wish to have their bedroom decorated, and those visions are often inspired by movies, songs, and books. And truth be told, the only way their space will replicate the décor theme of their imaginary world is if their thoughts are feasible. But not every kid’s bedroom design is impossible to emulate. It just takes the right dose of playful creativity with adult supervision. Some advice from our end doesn’t hurt as well. Your kid’s room is the perfect space to bring your imagination to life, from a unicorn-themed room to a wild safari décor. Go all the way with the dreamy elements-whatever theme you choose, this is one space your child will love.

So we rounded our top five themes for kids bedroom to help you look beyond the pink and blue themed rooms. This kid’s bedroom theme will provide the right inspiration if wish to update.


The Best Ideas to Inspire your Kids Bedroom

So what does your kid usually lean in for? We’re guessing undeniably cool, inimitable, and creative spaces. The kid’s bedroom design ideas below for your little one are instances of inspired ideas, careful editing, and a good eye for the best. If you are looking for the best ideas, then you will love our unisex kid’s bedroom theme suitable for both boys and girls. So let’s start!

1. Fun and Humorous

A dreamy bedroom for kids would be one that encourages their sense of humor. So it makes total sense that a fun themed should cover your kiddo’s nursery. While adding elements like a circus tent, canopy beds, wild printed wallpaper, and an indoor swing can throw the predictable bedroom theme out of the park. Leave the walls muted while adding a colorful ceiling for a happy clash that breaks before going too comical.


2. Space Age

For the space lover, a stylish wall and planetary space inspire your little one to aim for the stars, literally! This theme for a kid’s bedroom is a perfect fit for an aspiring astronaut. A gallery wall filled with whimsical space favorites, constellation murals, orbit-inspired lighting, galaxy glow stickers, and 3D detailing featuring moons, planets, asteroids, and comets. Sure, your kid may be spoiled for choices, but allow them to pick favorites. Select room paint in moon-like hues like cool grays to finish with the space-themed kid’s room.

3. Camp-in

Isn’t this camping theme one of the coolest kid’s bedroom theme ideas? It has literally all the elements your kiddo could ever want: a wild adventure without moving outdoors; fun and distinctive detailing with a functional aspect; cozy sleepover corners that don’t take up space; and plenty of features to spark your child’s imagination. Since this isn’t your average build-in, your little one will be in for a surprise because this camping theme for kid’s bedroom can allow their thoughts to run wild.

Create one with a dramatic drape and see it transform into the coziest tent ever. Allow your kid to have a pretend fire while they share stories, play games, and sing songs. Throw in fuzzy blankets and pillows to finish off with the campfire vibe. In addition, your kids won’t stop appreciating if you spoil them with lovely treats.

4. Some Unicorn Love

From party themes to clothing prints, unicorn motifs are popularly used. And it is an absolute pure delight for kids too. Young ones are obsessed with these magical creatures, and why wouldn’t they be? So, if you’re thinking of bringing on the iridescence elements for your kid’s bedroom, well then, good for you. The possibilities of exploring with a unicorn kid’s bedroom theme are endless. The dreamy bedroom for kids can make a good unisex choice too. Add in elements of unicorn-inspired décor like scallops throw pillows, mermaid dolls, ocean-inspired textiles, lamps, and duvets. To finish, add some LED string lights to illuminate the room with a hint of rainbow glow.

5. Map It

We all agree on how kids love spaces where their daydreams can come alive. Geography is a great kid’s bedroom theme ideas and just the right balance of adventure for a curious mind. Try this kid-friendly theme with a full wall of world map. This will be a great way to encourage your child’s visualization and reasoning of places, location, direction, space, and distance. A large map in the form of a canvas, wall decal, stick, and peel option will instantly liven up the room. You may also opt for an illuminated LED globe to play on a diverse aesthetic. Meanwhile, keep the rest of the décor futuristic with a felt rug, pendant lights, and reading chair.

Not every theme for a kid’s bedroom needs to be overtly mythical to match their current age. Sometimes it will just make sense to add subtle details of kid-friendly elements. With the right balance of elements, your kid will never wish to leave their home. And when you have all these kid’s bedroom themes suggested above, why not mix all of it? The more, the merrier.

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