6 Signs That Says A Toxic Friendship Will Harm You Always


Toxic friends-Finding a true friend is the most challenging task in the present world. But here with the article, we will teach you how you can go for it.

Toxic friends can only become jealous of your success and will not be happy with it.

Toxic friends 6 warning signs of unhealthy friendship

Well, your false friend will not be happy with your success, and hence you can get it through the fact that she will start complaining to you about her failures and your success. She will always say that you have everything, but she does not. She will never care for you and the good things happening in your life. She will be happy only after seeing you in trouble.

The negative reaction of your friend for you will turn you feel guilty about the things happening wrong in your friend’s life. If you offer her help, then she will reject that.

You would feel exhausted after you complete your talk with her.

After you talk to your false friend, you feel tired always. You might even get a headache. Many psychologists think that the primary reason behind such happenings can be psychosomatic. Our full body feels depression and the emotional discomfort because of the connection of all the body parts.

If you feel bad after you talk to your friend, then you must try to remember that if the situation has occurred before with you or not. If it is not so later, you must make it worth and have a break from each other. You should not even communicate a bit with each other for some time.

She will call you at any time of the day and will ask you to listen to her always.

There can be some reasons for which you might need the support of your friend rather than someone else and more than once. But the toxic friends always try to abuse it. If you say no to listen to her as she might be calling you late at the night time, then she will get offended. A friend is important to look at your issues, but that does not mean later you need a pillow to cry over the matter.

Try and give the green light to her so that she will call you more often and her stories might even turn longer.

She will try and copy your behavior, nails, haircut, and also your boyfriend.

A false friend will do it subconsciously. Most of the times she might not be trying to mean anything wrong. She might like you a lot and wanted to become like you. You would try to copy your behavior and your ways along with your dress. She might want a boyfriend like you. When you talk to her, you might even find that you hear your thoughts and ideas.

You might act as the source of inspiration for your friend. She might not be able to make up the new things by herself. It can be due to the fact of the lack of imagination power in yourself. If you feel ok with her behavior, then you can keep these things with yourself.

She will try to be best and better than you in all the things. You will feel a constant race in your friendship.

Your false friend would always want to look better than you in every way. She will start the competition with you. You will feel like a race between you and her. She will say you to buy the better than yours. It might even shock you, but it is a fact. She would indulge with you in the silent fight.

In the constant race in which you want to be better than your friend means you can never feel equal with each other.

She will criticize you in everything you do.

Well, it is a general question to ask your friend about your looks. But the matter is how they will answer you. If they give a negative response, then that means they are always trying to show they know everything. But if the case is only once or twice, then that means it can be due to their bad mood. But if they consistently give bad comments on you, then that means it is the matter to think over.

If the criticism is reasonable, then that means your friend want you to look perfect, but it should not be unnecessary.