9 Important Things That You Need To Know About The Trans Fats


In every era, natural trans fats are part of a healthy diet. We get natural trans fats from the ruminant animals. It represents that there is 2%-5% fat present in the dairy products and 3%- 9% fat present in the beef and lamb. We called artificial trans fats as industrials which appear after the food which are especially get processed so that it lasts longer on the kitchen shelves. Artificial trans fats are very much harmful to our health.

We have researched the trans fats and want to discuss it with all of you how they are bad for our health.

Natural trans fats


According to us, all trans fats are harmful to our health, and we should avoid all these fats. But it is not true regarding the fats. Artificial trans fats are more harmful to our health. Natural trans fats are beneficial for our health somehow. According to the various research studies, scientists say that animal fat much found in beef. And there are fewer risks for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease associated with the dairy products.

So you should include some trans fats in your diet but only the natural trans fats. Cakes and cookies can also be healthy for you if you bake them with the right recipes. For example, you should use butter in place of margarine. But you should consume these things in a reasonable quantity.

Artificial trans fats are dangerous

Artificial trans fats are dangerous and harmful to our health. Let’s have a look at the damages these fats can do to our body if we eat these fats regularly.

The risk of heart diseases

According to the research studies, there are more risk chances of coronary heart diseases and strokes with more intake of bad trans fats. The results show that between the year 1985 and 1995, coronary heart diseases got reduced by 23% by decreasing the consumption of bad trans fats. We think it is crazy, but actually, the proper diet can save thousands of lives each year.

The risk of vascular disease and cancer

If you replace the good fats with the bad trans fats for only four weeks, you will see the results that the cholesterol level get decreases by 21% in your body. The arteries’ ability to dilate also get reduced by 29%. There is more risk of cancer. Scientists are also studying this issue.

The risk of diabetes

On the issue of trans fats, the studies have not yet completed. The results came out of some reviews that there are 40% chances of diabetes with the consumption of diabetes.

The risk of inflammation

After the research studies, the results came out that these trans fats cause the risk of inflammation. Everyone experience inflammation of one or the other kind with consuming of trans fats. So you should avoid intaking these fats and understand the quality of your life which can get negatively affected by trans fats.

The risk of gaining weight

You will always gain weight if you consume bad fats. If you eat the same amount of calories from the bad fats as you would eat with healthy foods, you will gain more weight. You should control the daily intake of calories. It is imperative that you should not intake trans fats. If you avoid trans fats, your body will get into the perfect shape, and the cholesterol level will get reduced from your body.

The risk of acid reflux

These trans fats are dangerous as it can trigger the acid reflux which can make them the worse condition for the health. It is crucial for us to consume healthy trans fats such as walnuts, avocados, and olive oil. You should always take care of your stomach. The diets for acid reflux always exclude the bad fats from your diet.

Ways to avoid bad trans fat

  • Avoid certain types of foods: you should avoid fried food, frozen food, peanut butter, hamburgers, and crackers, etc.
  • Read product labels
  • Cook fresh meals and pack your lunch