If you are preparing a tour to a specific country, then you have surely been reminded about the risk of becoming a victim of pickpockets.

Well, it is essential to be careful because a huge number of travelers are victims of thieves per year, and no one would want to use their hard-earned holiday attempting to cancel their charge cards, getting a new passport, and looking for alternative ways to obtain cash.

Most of the time, pickpockets run their schemes in groups. A person or two will strive to do something just to distract you while another part of the group attempts to steal your stuff.

The moment the robbery has transpired, the thief who took the item will usually give it to someone else and they will all escape in separate ways. This scenario seriously makes it extremely difficult to trace the culprit, luckily there are a few tricks for you to outwit them.

Identifying Your Mugger

To be honest, it is indeed difficult to select a robber out of a crowd since pickpockets come from all demographic borders and stereotypes. This being said, never expect that you’ll be capable of avoiding getting pickpocketed simply by pointing out certain types of people. So, always mind the areas you are about to visit, particularly if it’s well known for pickpockets.

In most cases, thieves are well-dressed. When most people think about a pickpocket, they usually imagine a filthy street person. On the contrary, most thieves appear like well-dressed people. They require to blend in with the present environment and look as harmless as possible to be near you because they most certainly can without generating a single stink.

So, they will groom in a manner that helps put civilians at ease, which implies putting on clean, well-ironed apparel featuring logos of labels and iconic watches that people correlate with middle-class people.

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Stop Flaunting Your Cash

If possible, always stop yourself from counting money in places where other people can see them. When you organize and store your money before going out, remember how the amount that you have and where you kept it. Maintain a thoughtful reckoning from then to lessen the necessity to recount what you have left as you use it too.

In addition to this, resist the desire to touch your cash bags to ensure that everything is still there. This method may seem like an unorthodox one, but constantly feeling your hidden purse will surely show prying eyes precisely where to get it.

Instead of counting your cash in public, make good use of private moments such as toilet breaks to get the cash available for the next transaction. For example, if you recently had lunch before going to a place with an admission fee, try transferring some cash from your money sash to your purse in advance so you won’t draw attention to the sash as the event transpires.

Also, always double-check yourself out in front of the mirror before you head out. Try looking for any noticeable bumps through your clothes which might reveal where your cash is being held. If possible, try to do something to hide or to somehow minimize these obvious bulges, like utilizing a thinner wallet or hanging a scarf on your clothes to hide it.

To Conclude

Fortunately, although these so-called pickpockets or muggers are lurking around just everywhere nowadays, there are few actions that we can perform to prevent ourselves from becoming a pickpocketing victim.

Hopefully, this guide will enlighten you as to how you can outwit them to ensure a wonderful travel experience for it is all you hope for upon spending your hard-earned money. Visit Travel Blog for more traveling tips.