Use bobby pins in a creative way!!


When your hair is messy and unmanageable, bobby pin comes to your rescue. But have you ever thought that these beauty tools could also be utilized creatively? Yes!! Use bobby pins in the following manner to make yourself look trendy and smart.

Have a look at these creative uses of bobby pins.

The right way to use a bobby pin.

Make a triangle.

Arrow it up!

Works wonder for high ponytails.

Twist it up.


Give yourself the criss-cross crown.

Fix your old bobby pins.

Spray them for better hold.

Use it to hide the elastic band.

Stylish braid.

For fake bob.

Get a bobby pin case.

Match your nail polish with your bobby pins.

Half up, Half down criss-cross hairstyle.

Fix your irritating bangs.

Use it for nail art.

Pull up your zipper easily.