Did you know that getting dressed while working from home can improve productivity?

A few months ago, most people were used to the morning routine of waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup, and other activities that make one feel ready to face the day.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. Everyone is now enjoying spending their days working from the couch in their pajamas. The hardest part is dragging yourself out of your favorite blanket, wondering if you have to. Well, as comfortable as this life seem, you need to get up and get some tasks done.

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A lot of people don’t take time to decide on what to wear because they think that it really doesn’t matter, but they are wrong!

Whether you are working from home, meeting a client, or having a zoom call, it is important to get your gear on. Dressing in the morning may seem like part of the morning routine, but you’ll be surprised at how big it affects your overall mood.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why getting dressed when working from home is important than most people think;

The Importance of Getting into Work mode with the Perfect Outfit

We all know that first impressions really matter, especially how we present ourselves to others. Here is why you should consider getting dressed up even if you are working at home;

Separate work life from home life

Getting dressed for the day means business, and during those hours, you need to concentrate and avoid disturbance. So, how does one establish a boundary between the two? A while ago, it was easier because you had to dress up from Monday to Friday and leave for the office. By the end of the week, you have worn more official suits than casuals.

Now, all you have in your house. The chances are that you wake up wearing the same clothes as those you wear during weekends. To get work done, you have to start by dressing up then ensure that you have set up a small space for working. Once you have dressed, you will feel the need to get into your workspace and get some work done.

Getting dressed obviously won’t be 100% effective, but it is a good way to start.

Prepares you mentally

When you are dressed, you are ready for what the day throws at you.

Have you ever noticed that when you are dressed up, you are ready to go anywhere? If you are dressed even when at home, you will get the door in case someone rings the bell; you will be able to dash to a grocery store to get an item you forgot and much more.

Dressing up makes you feeling like you’ve put the effort, and therefore it mentally prepares you to get ready to get some things done. It is so easy for one not to get motivated while still in their pajamas or simply due to lying lazily on the couch while working.

Doing your morning route even when you are not leaving the house, helps one become more focused and show up better in life.

Changes your mindset

What you wear while working from home can change the attitude towards how you work.

Working from home means that your working and living environment does not change, and therefore it is important to break that monotony by changing outfits. This will help you signal different shifts in your day as well as change your mindset.

Getting dressed changes your mindset making you feel more productive, and this signals you to change into work mode. Therefore, after taking a shower in the morning dress up and start working, then after you are done, change to your pajama or relaxing clothes to mark the end of your work time.

When you dress well for work, you encourage your mind to look at the world with a different and better mindset.

Makes you feel good

There’s just something about dressing up that makes you feel so good.

When you put on nice clothes, you find yourself feeling motivated. When you are walking down the streets, and people are complimenting you because you look good, you tend to stay and feel positive throughout the day.

The same happens when you are working at home if you take the time to dress up before you start working, you will be able to face the day with a lot of confidence.

Do not underestimate the power of clothes and the effect it has on your moods. Ensure that you make an effort to dress up and avoid working in your pajamas and note the difference.

Helps with Self Care

Right now, no one has time for self-care. The kind of self-care that most of us are giving themselves is watching movies and series. Everyone doesn’t feel the need to dress up. What’s the need, and you are not living the house? As long as you are comfy, you are good to go. The problem is that most of you have noted that lately, you feel crummy and tired? Luckily, I have a solution for you!

Wake up and dress up even if you are not going anywhere.

When you are dressing up, deciding on what to wear, what to match with what, and select what lipstick matches with your blouse, you are actually taking care of yourself. Dressing well makes you reconnect with your inner power, thus boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

Helps you feel fresh and productive

Have you ever tried working out in jeans? If you answered yes, then you may have noticed how hard it was to work out when compared to working out wearing tights or tracksuits. Wearing the right outfit for the occasion helps you get motivated to work hard.

Most companies are measuring the level of productivity of their workers now that most are working from home. This means that workers must work hard and strive to keep producing high-quality work at all times. Being at home may make you feel lazy and less productive as you want to stay indoors in your casual wear, watching your favorite movie and procrastinating all the other work to be completed.

Dressing up while at home can help you fight laziness and help you feel more productive. If you wear office clothes and move to your work station at home, you will notice that you will have a positive mindset to complete the work.

What to Actually Wear when Working from Home

The first thing to understand before selecting that outfit to wear when working from home is that you need to pick something that you can leave the house in.

You don’t need to be overdressed, but you be in something that you can leave in and get out of the house. Also, ensure that you were shoes and do not roam around in your slippers. This will give your mind a working mindset.

Look for outfits that are loose but look presentable. When I say loose, I don’t mean jogger pants or pajamas. Your home working station may not be fully customized to your work office, therefore wearing tights clothes may make you feel uncomfortable.

The aim here is to look presentable.


Dressing up is all about respecting yourself and your work.

It may take some time, but it is definitely worth every minute. If you compare the productivity levels when you dress up and when you don’t, you will notice a big difference.

Taking time to change from pajamas to office wear makes you feel comfortable, productive, and good about yourself.