The past few years have seen a massive shift in business, from more technology to a much younger workforce. As we move into 2022, it is time to look forward and consider what industries and trends will drive the economy in 2022. Many predict a business shift in which establishments like online casinos will grow, as traditional brick and mortar establishments will need to adjust.

When looking at 2022, it is less about the exact business or industry that will drive the economy and more about the types of businesses driving the growth.

7 Trends Expected to Drive The Economy in 2022

Sustainable & Green Business

Every business must strive to reduce its environmental impact, both for sustainability and profits. While decarbonizing the supply chains is a good place to start, forward-thinking companies are also looking beyond that to increase sustainability in all aspects of their business operations. Sustainability is tied to resilience. Resilience means being able to adapt to change and to survive over the long term. In this age of conscious consumption, any business that neglects sustainability will not be successful.

Businesses able to adapt and convert to green operations have seen a huge increase in support as consumers become more eco-conscious. These businesses are expected to drive the markets in 2022.

Use of Robots

We have more capable robots and AI systems that can perform tasks previously performed by humans. Employers now have to ask the key question: How can we balance intelligent machines with human intelligence? Which roles should machines take over? What functions are best suited to humans?

Automation will have a large impact on almost every industry. Companies that encompass technology are expected to grow in 2022, and business leaders need to prepare their companies and employees for this change in work methods.

Remote Work

With more young people joining the workforce, as well as gig workers and remote workers, the way we work is changing. As written in the book The Human Cloud, traditional full-time work will soon be obsolete as companies shift to contract-based hiring – with contractors working remotely.

Companies that transition to remote work are expected to attract the best talent and thus drive the economy.

Organizations that are more flexible and flatter

Organizations have always been rigid and hierarchical in their structure. Leaders now realize the need to create a flatter, more flexible structure that enables them to respond quickly to changes and reorganize their teams. This is partly due to the evolving nature of work, especially the rise of remote and freelance workers.

Now is the age for flatter organizational structures that are more like flexible communities than a top-down pyramid structure.


Consumers today want to feel more connected with brands. This desire for connection has led to authenticity becoming a business trend. Because authenticity fosters human connections, brands (and business leaders) should display human qualities such as honesty, reliability, and empathy. Brands (and leaders) should care about issues and be concerned with more than just making a profit.

While their focus may not be on profits, brands that connect well with their consumers are taking over the market. They are expected to drive large sectors of the economy in 2022.

Integration and co-opetition

Outsourcing is a way to achieve almost anything. Global business has never been more integrated. It’s a great thing, as it allows us to collaborate to solve the most important business problems (and humanity’s greatest challenges). It will be increasingly difficult to succeed in the future without strong partnerships with other organizations, meaning that there will be greater supply chain integration, data integration and sharing between organizations, and even collaboration between competitors.

Funding options that are new

Companies are changing the ways they can raise finance. Many new platforms and mechanisms connect businesses to investors and donors; tokenization, crowdfunding, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and special purpose acquisition corporations (SPACs), to name a few. These new methods are largely driven by decentralized finance, allowing financial services such as borrowing and trading via a peer-to-peer network over a public, decentralized blockchain network.

These new funding options are expected to make waves in 2022.

Final thoughts

There are many new sectors, trends, and influences as we move into 2022. While there are many trends and businesses out there, these are the seven we think will have the greatest impact on the economy in 2022.