If you regularly watch TV, you’ll be familiar with those annoying adverts with the meerkats or the man singing opera, which have dominated advertisement breaks for the last 10 years. These adverts have helped propel price comparison sites to new heights by raising awareness and encouraging customers to use their services. Despite their popularity, a lot of people still don’t fully understand price comparison sites or how much they can help you save money. Insurance, energy, credit cards, and broadband are all expenses that we can save money on simply by using a price comparison site before making final decisions. For example, someone looking for an online casino would benefit from visiting sites like Oddschecker that list online casinos offering free spins, which would allow them to try the different sites out before depositing money. Not using a comparison site in this kind of scenario could mean missing out on such offers and spending more money as a result.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the top two reasons why comparison sites are a must.

Special offers

One of the main benefits of using comparison sites is that they often highlight which businesses are offering deals and special offers, particularly for first-time customers, that might have been missed otherwise. Being able to directly compare deals allows you to make an informed decision on which one is best for you. Buying insurance is a common example of a situation where customers would benefit from using comparison sites, as crafty salesmen will always try to convince you that their offer is the best. Using a site like MoneySuperMarket in this situation would help eliminate your doubts, ensuring you don’t get hoodwinked by fancy sales techniques and get the best available offer.

Save time

The concept of “shopping around” for the best deal before making big purchases is as old as time. When looking for a new refrigerator for example, once you find one you like, its common to check a few similar shops to get the cheapest price. This is important to do, particularly for expensive items and subscription-based services. The internet has made shopping around much easier, however visiting different websites to look at the same time can still be quite a time consuming, so many people just purchase the first one they see. Price comparison sites make the job of shopping around for something much easier, as they allow you to compare prices without visiting lots of different pages. This not only saves you time but also allows you to compare all aspects of the products or services you are looking for as well as the price.