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The health benefits of CBD are becoming very well known. Many people are even opting to grow marijuana in their own homes. There are a few things that anyone should know before they start growing. One of the most important things is the types of seeds.

Most seed banks will give growers the option to choose the type of seed they want. There are regular, feminized, and auto-flower seeds. The kind of seed growers choose will depend on their experience growing cannabis and how well they understand the growing process. Each seed type comes with benefits and drawbacks. Keep reading to understand the difference between the three seed types.

Regular Seeds

Production of regular seeds happens between a male and a female plant. Growers won’t know the plant’s gender until the plant begins to flower. People who want high-quality buds with cannabinoids separate the females from the males. Males do not produce flowers that make cannabinoids, so they are not worthwhile to most growers. Consumers can buy these regular seeds from a weed seed bank online. 

Some people, however, grow cannabis to produce hemp. The male plant makes a soft material that can be useful for making hemp. Clothing, shoes, and other household products use soft and durable hemp fiber. Male plants also produce oils that help with pest control in the garden.

There are several advantages to regular seeds. They do not contain any chemicals like feminized seeds. They are pure since they are not genetically altered. Finally, they can be used for other purposes, such as hemp and oils.

Feminized Seeds

Female plants are perfect for concentrated forms of cannabis. Unfertilized females will produce Sensimilia, a highly concentrated form of cannabis usually seen in stores. For the cannabis grower, feminized seeds save time and cost. Growers don’t have to separate the males from the females. They also only need to buy female seeds. Additionally, growers can maximize their growing space by only growing female plants. 

Feminized medicinal cannabis seeds are specially cultivated for those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. They contain active substances and chemical compounds that are more appropriate for medicinal purposes. Medicinal cannabis offers relief from muscle tension, poor blood circulation, nausea, spasms, stress, and insomnia. Some studies have also suggested that it improves sexual complaints, hormonal complaints, concentration, and focus. It is certainly worth a try. 

Auto-Flower Seeds

Auto-flower seeds are a good choice for beginner growers. After about ten weeks, plants reach the flowering stage. Auto-flowering seeds require a small amount of sunlight to finish the cycle. This makes the process faster and easier since they do not need to allow a certain number of hours of daylight and darkness each day. 

Auto-flowering seeds are a combination of modern-day strains and Cannabis Ruderalis. Ruderalis plants live in places with shorter summers, so they bloom faster and require less sunlight. Auto-flowering seeds are a fantastic choice for new growers since they are low maintenance and grow quickly. Autoflowering seeds produce sturdy, resilient plants. The plants can handle pests and insects that may be abundant in backyard soil.

Before beginning a new hobby of cannabis growing, consider your goals. The products you want to make from the cannabis plant will help you decide which seeds are best for you to purchase.