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Of all the things that one can see or talk about as ‘signs’ of using cannabis can differ from demeanor to change in perspective. But there is one sign that cannot be ignored no matter what comes by, and that is the bloodshot red eyes one gets after consuming marijuana. Now, not everybody gets the same degree of redness in their eyes, as marijuana affects different people with different biochemistries. Some may not even get red eyes as a lot many do, and some even say that the quality of your bud can be the determining factor for the red eyes.

There are even some who have a great concern that smoking or consuming marijuana can do a great deal of damage to your eyes, owing to how red they got. A slightly cloudy peripheral vision that follows was another detrimental factor in people seconding to the rumor that marijuana could be bad for your eyes. Little did they know how awfully wrong they were, as many different studies and research came to light. Many claims were even made that the redness was caused by the smoke from smoking marijuana, but such claims were dismissed as soon as they came. The reason being that cigarette smoking did not cause redness, so was it allergies to cannabis that can cause this? But why would people not be affected badly if it were allergies? Such disputes were gone in a whiff.

Now, you still might be thinking about the reason behind the redness and we won’t be bothering you with the suspense any longer. Cutting to the chase here is the reason why you get red eyes after consuming marijuana and how you can reduce it.

The Reason Behind the infamous Red Eyes

For all the reasons anyone could think of, the explanation is rather simple; when you consume cannabis, it reduces your blood pressure. This drop in blood pressure results in capillaries and blood vessels to dilate. The capillaries in our eyes dilate too, causing more blood to flow in them, making them red. This process doesn’t just increase blood flow but also decreases intraocular pressure. This may seem like a hindrance or a cause of concern, but that is exactly what it isn’t. On the contrary, it is this increase in blood flow and decrease in pressure that can be used for treating patients with glaucoma.

Glaucoma causes a rapid increase in the pressure of your eyes and can cause pain and nausea in patients. Incidentally, marijuana has been studied to reduce all three – pain, intraocular pressure, and nausea. Though there are still some inhibitions to using medical marijuana as a treatment, there are many headways made in the direction of using medical marijuana.

The process of how to get a medical card online is fairly simple, get a check on your state’s qualifying condition to get access to medical marijuana. You can either go for an in-person visit to a clinic or use a telemedicine platform to talk to a marijuana doctor. Once you get a clearance from them, they will provide you with a recommendation that can be used in dispensaries to avail of medical cannabis.

Can Marijuana Edibles Give You Red Eyes Too?

The answer is pretty simple if your edibles have THC in them as a component, you are going to get red eyes. THC is a vasodilator, which means that your eyes get dilated after using marijuana as the pressure in your eyes dissipates and blood flow increases. THC interacts with the receptors of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in such a manner that the effects produced lead to these characteristics.

The factor that determines the red eyes is THC, not the way you consume it. In fact, with the release and effects of edibles being delayed, the progression of the redness can be prolonged as one starts to get the effects of the edibles they consume. The smoke from smoking cannabis can be a very non-significant push to redden your eyes, but it is the cannabinoid that causes the increase in blood flow to the eyes.

Better the Weed, the Redded the Eyes?

Better weed won’t be the best way to describe or associate with redder eyes, it’s the amount of THC that is present in the bud you consume that leads to the red eyes. THC is a chemical compound (cannabinoid) in the cannabis plant in abundance. The greater the concentration of THC, the more it will interact with the ECS. That will lead to a chain of reactions like better blood flow and decreased pressure in the eyes to make them red. So, the next time you consume cannabis and get absolutely bloodshot eyes, you know you have landed some potent stuff.

There are no eyesight risks involved with the consumption of cannabis and the redness fades away slowly. In about a couple of hours, the redness will be completely gone and you will be back to normal. Yes, your peripheral vision does tend to get slightly foggy, but that is just temporary and goes away as the redness does.

How do You Reduce the Redness?

After consuming cannabis, the last thing you would want to do is to roam around scot-free with eyes red as a fire extinguisher. There is still a strong stigma associated with the use of cannabis, be it medically and you can save yourself from unnecessary flack from people. There are a few ways that can make the redness go away, but not all of them is a guaranteed fix for everyone. So, try them out before being sure that method suits you the best.

Let us clear one myth out and that is having water can reduce redness of the eyes, that is not entirely true. Water does not help with red eyes, it can be mighty helpful with the cotton-mouth you get after smoking marijuana, which can be very refreshing. You can use the following to see if it works to reduce the redness of your eyes –

  1. Dark Chocolate
  2. Increased Sodium intake
  3. Over the Counter cooling eyedrops