You’ll be surprised to see how some people are so passionate about brew and breweries. For them, it’s not about giving different types of beer from around the world a shot, but what they want to do is acquire as much knowledge about beer as they can.

Whether or not you are a brewing nerd, you must have heard of the beer tour services which are lately in fashion. A beer tour usually lasts for a few hours, giving one a wholesome experience, provided that brilliant services are provided throughout the tour besides the tourist being very active and taking interest oneself too.

There are several beer tour service providers presently in action around the world, like the Munich beer tour, offering different packages which people opt for according to their suitability and convenience. Rarely do people return with awful experiences. If you want to know what it takes for a beer tour to be called great, you’ve come to the right place.

To know what makes a beer tour great, continue reading ahead.

The Tour Guide

The first and foremost factor that adds to making a beer tour a great one is a knowledgeable tour guide who is extremely passionate about history and knows all the information. A guide who doesn’t just keep it all to himself passes it on to others t in an interesting manner and engaging everyone in the conversation can be the sole reason to make one’s beer tour experience the best yet memorable.

Your Cravings May End, But Free Beer Shouldn’t

Often times, the sampling allowed by a tour service is sufficient to fulfill one’s cravings to the fullest; and if not, then it should be made to be!

Once you get inside any brewery with your guide, you would find a variety of beers, from looking light to dark and tasting sweet to spicy. Being able to give each type of beer a shot should definitely be something a beer tour should have. Each bottle might call to you and you shouldn’t have to kill your cravings!

One That Gets You In For Real

Almost all the tour services let you inside the breweries and observe the whole processes with your own eyes, but there are some tourists who crave to have a much closer look at the equipment and if given, nothing else seems more wholesome to them.

Multiple Breweries

A package should offer visits to multiple breweries, so one can enjoy not just different tastes but also ambiances. There always is variation, if not much but slight, in the processes and that knowledge-seeking tourists find really fascinating. Every brewery offers liquids that somewhat look, smell, and taste different from one another and each has its own award winners; the tourists on a beer tour can always enjoy these perks of getting hands-on with them all.

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Sampling Along The Way

Tourists love to sample along the way. Although enough is provided, those who still need the feel to have some more can always purchase for themselves. Mind you – a cooler with ice needs to be there in the van!

Tourists love shaving shortstops, enjoying a drink, and having a chit-chat accompanied by all the knowledgeable staff about the beers including history, making, styling, culture, and whatnot.

Customer Care

A tour guide service must provide a snack and drink on way to ensure that no tourist goes hunger-struck. Drinking on way in the van is generally not allowed considering the legal issues as well as the health of the tourists. Arrangements must be made accordingly.

For those who are not into drinking but love to go on a trip and have all the knowledge, the ticket isn’t the same as for the drinkers. They can go with a non-drinker pass which costs low; they then won’t be served any.

There are various beer tour service providers for different regions where breweries are located which many beer nerds have been opting for because of all the knowledge and fun these come with. It has also been shown to impact the economy remarkably and the beer business is being known to earn much larger profits. Besides all the pros and cons associated with beer tours, the trend is so far is the public’s (generally beer freaks’) most loved and highly appreciated. Look around for the absolute best beer tour and enjoy the time of your life!