In 2016, it was reported that around 2.5 billion of the total population plays video games! The US video game market is expected to earn $90 billion from revenues in 2020. It has been calculated that by the year 2023, the number of video gamers will cross almost 3 billion. Video games are becoming more and more popular due to the raging pandemic. Trapped in our households, people are tuning into the gaming world to escape reality. So, there are many gamers who are waiting for certain video game reboots!

Number of Adult players in the USA in 2018 65%
Number of female gamers (in 2018) 46%
US video gaming market value estimated in 2018 $43.4 billion

What Are the Most Popular Video Games Currently?

According to NPD, these are the best-selling and most popular video games of all time. These are all available on the video website IGN if you want to play.

  • Call of Duty: Without any surprise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare made it into the highest stop. It is rated 17+, and one should play under their own discretion. This video game is perhaps one of the most well-known ones which have a first-person shooter perspective. You can play this on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and even Microsoft Windows. The game follows a CIA officer and British agents who have been given the mission to save “Urzikstan” from foreign invasion.
  • NBA 2K20: This is basketball-based and is based on the National Basketball Association. Like Call of Duty, this is also a rebooted instalment after NBA 2K19. If you are into scoring goals and teamwork, this is the game for you! You can play this on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even Nintendo Switch.
  • Madden NFL 20: The game is a football simulation developed by Electronics Arts. Like the NBA, this is based on the National Football League. Madden NFL is a reboot of its version, which came out in August 2019. Play this game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

What Video Game One Would Want a Reboot of

Dino Crisis

This was a fear-inducing game that was developed by Capcom. When it came out, it was an instant hit. With its unique dinosaurs’ theme, gamers were absolutely hooked! It was essentially a survival game plus cool tricks and excellent graphics and audio. Dino Crisis was rebooted once, but then Capcom started the new Street Fighter series, and Dino Crisis has not received any reboot.

Parasite Eve

This is one of the top video games gamers want a reboot of. It was a unique concept of how a woman NYC officer attempts to save the city from a monster, and the game is brilliantly riddled with tense moments, battle scenes, and cut scenes. This was played on the PlayStation, and pretty much everyone played the second one, Parasite Eve 2. But unfortunately, for some reason, the series never got rebooted and was buried under. This would be a great time for Square USA to release a new updated version of this game!


This was one of the classic Nintendo video games. Nintendo had announced a reboot named Metroid Prime: Federation Force, but they never actually released it, and the fans were disappointed. This increased the expectation of gamers more as some were left wondering whether Nintendo is delaying because they are coming up with a much better version. The previous version was a 3DS game, and fans wanted it to be a console one so, let’s hope when Nintendo does a reboot, it will be new and exciting!

Destroy All Humans!

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? It is alien themed as one can guess. The plot involves you collecting and harvest human brains and then rule the United States in any way you want to. It is an open-world action and has some quite shocking graphics and what the game wants you to do. It was originally released for the X box and PS2 back in 2005, but one can confidently say that later reboots made the game more and more impressive. But unfortunately, the last game named Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon received severely low ratings. This discouraged Developed Pandemic to reboot it. But now we are very invested in alien cultures, and it would be the right time to bring this back!

Streets of Rage

This was developed by SEGA and was essentially a really fun game to play! This was a co-op side scroll game and is one of the most entertaining ones. It was unique with its feature that allowed two players to use the same screen to play! As we are stuck in our homes, 2021 would be a great time to bring this up with certain modifications and updates.

Legacy of Kain

A little titbit, Nosgoth was inspired by Legacy of Kain! Legacy of Kain was developed by Crystal dynamics and was extremely popular when it came out. Gamers have confessed to having played Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for hours at an end. It is highly addictive and super exciting. The Legacy of Kain can be called a “Gothic masterpiece.” With the already existing Nosgoth fan base, rebooting Legacy of Kain might be the perfect move!

Top 5 Video Games that Feature iGaming

With the introduction of online casinos, video gambling has become a popular crossover, but this list consists of certain video games that have casino games included, which are crucial to the main theme:

  1. The Witcher 3: This game came up with its own rebranding of card games. They called it the Gwent plays. The characters play these games to unwind after slaying monsters and are also one of the key features of traveling from one place to another in the Witcher universe. You have to collect cards, and if you are a poker fan, don’t think twice and play this game!
  2. Texas Tea slots: This is a popular casino game that allows you to play with slots. The game involves Texas Ted, who drills all around to get oil and wants you to join him in his mission. In exchange for your services, he will let you have a lot of rewards! This is a free game and is highly rated!
  3. Final Fantasy VIII: This is essentially iGaming as it is spanned across a 3 x 3 grid. You will take turns with artificial intelligence to compete in a gambling-style game. The mission is to secure the highest value cards. And the final aim is to get the maximum number of cards one can of the color you choose and get the reward!
  4. Red Dead Redemption: Here, you can play the Texas Hold’em formatted games. A fun and unique feature are that this game allows you to cheat your opponent and win his earned cash as extra rewards. Basically, it is like Poker. This game also features something called Liar’s Dice, which is based on dice throwing.
  5. Fallout New Vegas: This is literally set in post-apocalypse Las Vegas, so you know it is casino-based. The game features dishonest dealers and players constantly trying to cheat you. This all makes the experience very enjoyable and challenging. Also, this is the most popular video game to feature iGaming all around the world!

Few Ending Words

We are currently in the “Golden age” of gaming and the perfect time to reboot these old gems. Let’s hope that these video games are rebooted so that we can all enjoy them together in these dreadful times.