Which Door Will Bring Happiness To You?


The door of happiness-Choose a door which you think stores happiness for you behind it. Pay attention to every detail in the image. Choose wisely, it contains your happiness behind it!

Door of happiness

The Blue Door:

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You chose the blue door shows that you are helpful, you are always there to help others. You don’t have a large group of friends, you are happy with the fewer true friends you have. You have plenty to give to others and prefer giving over taking.

You like to build your relationship with anyone on trust and honesty. If your trust is broken or you are taken for granted, you get heartbroken.

This door has the power of self-confidence and security in your inner self. You are loyal to everyone and your loyalty gains you trust of everyone. You appear to be hard and tough which is the reason why others hurt you as they are not able to see the pain you suffer. You are a sensitive and gentle person inside just the opposite you look who suffers a lot when betrayed. You just want to be happy in every situation with everyone.

The Purple Door:

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If you choose this door then glory and power are important for you. You have a strong will and feel free. You like to have control over everything in your life. You are genuine to everyone and don’t like saying anything to flatter anyone. This makes others feel less intelligent than you and it intimidates them. You have a really sweet and caring heart for the people who matter in your life. You always keep thinking for betterment for them.

The weapons of your power are strength, mystery, and seductiveness. You tend to always follow rules which give you confidence. You try to stay positive by laughing in hard times.

In hard and tough times you face, find the courage and strength and it will lead you to the way of happiness.

The Red Door:

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This red door represents your amusing spirit and energy which makes you popular amongst others. You are very competitive and you want to be appreciated for your work which you deserve. You are a simple person yet aggressive but you are there to help the people in need.

You don’t face a problem in making new friends as others find you positive and fun to hang with.

You have unconditional love for your family and friends. You have the side as a lover. Red is the symbol of the feelings and energies evolving around. You want to stay calm as being the big soul of the group sometimes tires you.

The Owl Door:

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You are represented by your uniqueness and curiosity in your everyday life. Choosing this owl door implies that you just don’t fall for colors but you pay attention to every minute details like the design and pattern of this door. You have the lovely energy level and independent and positive thoughts are things to recognize you.

You have the same behavior with unknown people as you have with your family and friends.

You attract the people of opposite love by your kindness and liveliness but the fear of your beauty and assertiveness stops them from telling you. Your selflessness will prove as a benefit to your great life and riches.

You have no problem with sacrificing yourself for others but this can make your soul tired sometimes.