Your zodiac sign can tell you what you were in your previous life.


Let’s see what you were in your past life according to your zodiac signs.

Find out who you were in your past life according to your zodiac signs

Who You Were In A Past Life According To Your Zodiac Signs

Your past life according to your zodiac signs-An Aries has a warrior instinct and someone who doesn’t know how to quit. A fight does not scare you. You are brave and have immense talent for persevering. You were probably a warrior or a fighter, a person with a huge amount of courage and valor in your past life.

Who You Were In A Past Life According To Your Zodiac Signs

#2 Taurus

Your past life according to your zodiac signs-Being a Taurus, you stand firm, and you know what it takes to lead. You lead by example, but your gentle soul also means that you take people along in your success. A leader or an explorer in your previous births is a possibility for your bright soul.

#3 Gemini

Having a Gemini soul means that you have a big heart which cares for those in need. A soul which feels the pain of others deeply and a sharp mind which knows how to give relief to those who face is unbearable pain. In your previous birth, you were either a healer or an apothecary who gave others comfort when others were in pain.

#4 Cancer

Having a Cancer’s soul means you have the immense ability to adapt, the sharpness of the mind, and tact comes to you by nature. You can easily determine the situations and act according to that. In your previous life,  you were a greatly skilled diplomatic person and someone with high negotiating abilities.

#5 Leo

Having a Leo soul means that you are filled with expressions and emotions. You know the desire of your heart completely, and you know how to achieve them. In your past life, thus, you were an artist, a painter or a sculptor.

#6 Virgo

Being a Virgo, you are someone who lives life in your thoughts. Your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives matter a lot to you, and you are opinionated. It is a probability that you were a thinker, a philosopher, or a counselor with immense talents.

#7 Libra

Having a Libra soul means having the capability of judging things high handedly. You do not possess bias in any form; you are a strong believer it believes in equality. In your past life, hence there is a chance you were a judicious person, a judge or a magistrate.

#8 Scorpio

Scorpions have a personality which no one can suspect because of the calmness that you reflect, but there’s an equally dangerous alter ego of yours which only a few people know. You are someone who can be the cause of destruction if someone very unmindfully provoked and you can be cruel at it. In your past life, you were an assassin or a killer, who killed for the greater good.

#9 Sagittarius

Sagittarians are very talented people filled expressions that are waiting to burst and come out. You are born with immense talents, and the ability to work hard is exceptional, and it needs to reach your ultimate potential. In your previous life, therefore, you were either an author or a musician.

#10 Capricorn

Having a Capricorn soul means that you protect those weaker than you. You have a great heart which is blessed with love. You have a soul which would forever stand for those who can’t stand for themselves. In your previous life, therefore, you were a protector and who came to the rescue of others when they were needed the most.

#11 Aquarius

Aquarians tend to become an inspiration for others. You are always motivated and driven. Success is your mantra. You are that light of hope in others whom they look up to. In your past life, henceforth, you were a motivator, a leader,  who millions followed.

#12 Pisces

Pisceans are not the one to restrict themselves to social rules but someone who sets their path. You have a different vision for the world you want to live in. In your past life, therefore, you were a visionary and someone who broke the rules and regulations to create something new.