All-natural wipes have been gaining more popularity in recent times as many parents are starting to realize how beneficial they are for their babies’ skin. Besides the fact that they help minimize rash and skin infections, these wipes are very gentle on the skin. And thanks to the natural products they are made with, they provide skin-nourishing benefits that aren’t common with regular wipes.

However, even with all of these, many parents are still skeptical about all-natural wipes as they are unsure about whether or not they are as good as regular wipes. In this post, we’ll be showing you why all-natural wipes are just as good -even better- than regular wipes.

They Contain Disinfectants

Unlike baby towels, regular and all-natural wipes contain disinfectants that help eliminate bacteria and germs on your baby’s skin. While regular wipes tend to utilize chemicals and alcohol as disinfectants, all-natural wipes are safer as they contain natural ingredients with antibacterial characteristics, such as aloe vera. Thanks to these natural disinfectants, all-natural wipes can protect your baby from illness by removing fecal matter, killing germs and bacteria, and moisturizing our baby’s bottom all at the same time.

Also, the formulae used for all natural wipes undergo extensive evaluation at different laboratories to ensure that they are safe for your baby’s skin. Since babies have delicate skin, it’s essential that you bathe them with wipes instead of antibacterial soap. Soaps tend to come with extra chemicals, scents, and other ingredients that may irritate or damage your baby’s skin. That’s why choosing all-natural wipes is the best option for you.

Removes Oil and Dirt

The human body produces oil to maintain healthy, supple skin. However, this oil can become easily tainted as children move or play outside or around the house. While the effects may not show up immediately, this tainted oil can cause irritation to your child’s skin.

You can easily remove the oil on the top layer of your baby’s skin by wiping it off with baby wipes. Both regular and all-natural wipes are effective for this, but all-natural wipes go the extra mile by moisturizing your baby’s skin, so he or she doesn’t experience itching, rashes, and other uncomfortable side effects.

Since wiping off the skin’s natural oil means you’re removing its natural moisturizer, you can apply baby oil or lotion to your little one’s skin afterward to keep their skin supple and soft.

Friction Reduction

Many parents scrub off the fecal matter from their child’s bottom with sponges or washcloths. While this may be effective, using these sponges or washcloths can make your baby’s skin prone to tearing as these textiles tend to have a rough texture. When you try to get into the nooks and crannies of your baby’s buttocks, you may inadvertently rupture or tear your baby’s skin by using washcloths and sponges.

On the other hand, when you use regular or all-natural wipes, the chances of your baby’s skin rupturing or tearing are significantly low or non-existent. The reason is that wipes have a silky and soft texture that will be gentle and refreshing on your baby’s bum. Some all-natural wipes even come with ingredients that safely exfoliate your baby’s skin, ensuring that their buttocks remain smooth and supple.

Equalizes the Skin’s pH

It’s no news that bacteria and germs can unbalance the pH of one’s skin. This same theory applies to babies’ skin. Most all-natural wipes are designed with the skin’s pH balance in mind. They help maintain and restore your baby’s skin pH level to its normal state. When you keep your baby’s pH in the ideal range, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of skin conditions like rashes and irritation while improving the skin’s overall health.


All-natural wipes are not just as good as regular wipes; they are even better. Besides keeping your baby’s skin safe, soft, and healthy, these wipes contain natural ingredients that can moisturize and protect your baby’s skin.

To make things better, many of them are versatile as they can be used to clean around the diaper change table, baby bottoms, and other mess produced by your baby. They are also flushable, so they are perfect for you even if you’re on a budget.