Some Reasons Why You Find Relationships Hard And Cannot Find The Love Of Your Life


Why you find Relationships hard -Relationships are hard, mate. You have to be prepared to give the right amount of time, attachment and work hard to make it work if you think that your partner is the one.

To love someone you have to understand that someone, respect, trust and be there for him/her when the time comes. We, however, sometimes give a lot in a relationship and still, it ends up as a failure. You need to be aware of some things before you commit yourselves to a serious relationship.

There are reasons that you have to focus on, reasons that make it hard for the both of you. I hope that enlisting some of these reasons may solve your issues and help you build a healthy relationship.

Why You Find Relationships Hard

You are still attached to that previous someone.

Why You Find Relationships Hard

If you have all the photos you shared with your ex in a special folder, and you refuse to give up stalking their social media accounts every single day, then love, you are not over that relationship. You cannot start reading something else without finishing the previous piece. Give yourself some time and do not jump into another relationship just as a rebound when you are still hurting from the previous scars.

You have steep expectations

You want your life to be a fairytale. Well, guess what, real life and real people are not perfect. If you do not accept people with some of their flaws and love them in spite of them, then allow me to tell you that there is no perfect person in this world. Even you may have certain flaws. You have to find an imperfect someone for your imperfect selves and make your life complete by loving that someone with all their flaws.

You want someone else when you are already in a relationship

Why You Find Relationships Hard

If you are in a relationship and you long for some other person, then you haven’t just wronged your partner but also yourselves. If you have someone else on your mind while on a date then you need to end this relationship which will only scar the both of you. It takes us a very long time to find the right person for ourselves. Do not waste your time on a relationship that is bound to end up a disaster.

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You have trust issues

Everyone in this entire world is not going to be like your douchebag ex-boyfriend. There are many people who place their trust in a person who toys with their feelings and leave them with serious trust issues. If you relate to this, then you need to understand something that you are only pushing people away every time you distrust them for exaggerated reasons. Observe people around you and place your trust in the right person. Even if someone trustworthy broke your heart, it is not the end of the world and remembers that every individual is not going to be another version of him/her.

You are afraid of a serious relationship

Now, I know that relationships are a bit of a tight game but for some people getting serious in a relationship is their worst nightmare. Thoughts like losing your personal space, getting addicted to your loved one, leaving the single chill life and many more creep up and you start dreading. The solution? Well, there is no doctor recommended solution to it *grins*. You need to stop thinking of a relationship as a cage. In fact, a relationship which makes you feel that you are trapped is not a healthy one. You need to find that persons with whom you can be as free as, or even more than you previously were.

You are too fast

Do not plan the colour of your darn wedding dress on the first date. Such an approach may frighten the other one, and he/she may not want to rush things with your speed. And for God’s sake give up believing in the “biological clock” and worry that at a certain age you have to get married and run after every second person. Find a person who is a right match for you because if you rush and choose a wrong person, the recovery from that may take you a long time, and you will need a while to get back on the track of happiness.

Share all that came engaged your mind after reading this article in the comments below. Till then keep falling in love because it is a beautiful journey.