Photos From a Dad of Three Daughters Who Knows Exactly How to Make a Memorable Family Photo Shoot


Photos From a Dad of Three Daughters-Photography can be a great platform to encapture some of the little, precious moments which could be celebrated for years. Here is a man whose job is of an IT specialist but his heart calls out for photography.

“My job is IT specialist, but my passion is photography,” says John Wilhelm about himself. Passions take us on a fascinating journey of some yet untravelled roads. He inherited this passion from his father who was an amateur photographer and who was a member of a few professional associations. A new magic tool has been given to all the photographers around the world, i.e. Photoshop.

Some use it in a fun, interesting manner and others, well let us just not talk about them. In 2011, John discovered photoshop which changed his life. Since then he loves to portray his wife and three little daughters in a fairytale. He calls himself a “photoholic”, and rightly so because he spends all his free time devoted to his passion for photography.

We have gathered some of this photoholic’s beautiful shots which I swear you are going to love and I want to share it with you all. I hope these precious photographs make your day just like they made mine. Be my guest for a while and enjoy. Let’s dive deep:

Photos From a Dad of Three Daughters

My dad and I

Photos From a Dad of Three Daughters

Well, they seem to be having a blast, especially a dad. I wish I could do that to some of my acquaintances, to give them a lesson about being “down to Earth”. Eh? Eh? (Okay fine, it was a bad joke).

Self-feeding mash

Do not try this at home; this is only attempted under the supervision of professionals *winks*. Excellent way to parenting, I must say. I do not mean it sarcastically. In fact, this should be a thing, come on it is 2018.

Pelican drive

Can I please join the little munchkin? Also, the smile is too heartwarming, isn’t it?

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Think big but start small

I cannot decide if this is funny or inspiring. Can you?

Do not lick frozen metal bars.

I repeat do not lick frozen metal bars. Well if you want to… No no no, I stand by that opinion.

Yuna Stark- Queen of Westeros

Also, queen of chubby cheeks and Breaker of cuteness records. Although she might be scolded by mama sometimes yet who cares she is still a queen.

Happy New Year!

Well, all in all, a great start, too great a start.

Just a fakir in Italy

Hey, I want my noodles to dance to my tunes too. John, can ya help me?

Toilet paper harvest

I wanna walk that road.

Dreaming of the ocean

I can’t even; this is too cute. Also, why can’t I for once dream about the oceans instead of that scary lizard. Ummm… I mean unicorns. There are no lizards in my dream. *ahem ahem*

Dinner is served

More like dinner center? But they seem to be having fun; I will give them that.

One baby tooth has gone.

Okay well, this one looks painful and is giving me the creeps. Good heavens!


Haha, finally the two shake hands, or in this case, hug.

A journey to the centre of the pulp

Gosh, parenting looks hard. No wonder my mum yells at me every time I miss a meal.

Just a tired baby

Me after finishing one paragraph of my assignment. I relate to this baby girl way more than I should.

What a talented man! I loved these images, did you? Do you also like having some fun little photo sessions with your family members? Which one is your favorite one? And did you already know about this photoholic? The comment section is all yours, so do tell me about all your thoughts. In the meantime, I am going to gather my family for a fun photo shoot. Boy, I’m going to have a blast.

Cheers! Happy clicking!