Find Out What Your Favourite Color Says About Your Personality


Your favorite color can tell your personality-Colours are the vehicle for the essence of life. We often find intuiting ourselves with colours, for instance, we commonly associate white with peace, yellow with joy, red for passion. They are more often than not intricately entwined with surroundings. We will often find pink balloons and toys adorns the arrival of the girl child while black garments are a dominant motif for protest and mourning. If you see that your wardrobe is overflowing with black clothes, psychology confirms, that there is more to it than just fondness and plays an exciting role in unveiling a lot about your personnalité! So let’s find out what your favourite colour has to say about you!

Your favorite color can tell your personality


  • Red – The people who find themselves gravitating towards red mostly, are usually adrenaline junkies with an unparalleled pizzazz and passion. The colour often hailed as the dominant one in the spectrum usually connotes ambition and a firm affliction towards desires. Red also indicates towards the love for being the centre of attention.
  • Your favorite color can tell your personality
  • Blue – The colour often resonating with serenity and tranquillity resembles people who have a profound intellectual hunger, are more idealistic than practical and prefers harmony over chaos. These people are natural caretakers, and their sense of intuition allows them to develop a broad sense of empathy.
  • Yellow – This colour refers to abundance, creativity and inspiration. With the Sun as its representative, it signifies a potent inclination towards emotions and sentiments. The colour also relays the individual’s need to a logical perspective and a congenial surrounding. People with yellow as their favourite colour are conventional ‘happy-go-lucky’ souls!


  •  Green – The colour of nature exudes vitality, relaxation and consistency. The individuals attracted towards green are generally adored by all due to their calming nature. They are self-confident and generous besides being humble. They love their peace and stability which makes them quite reliable to others.
  •  Orange – The vibrant yet intimidating tone of this colour makes it a popular favourite! The people associated with this colour are usually extroverts, the ‘life-of-the-party.’ They love challenges in their daily life and often comes out on top of it. They prefer the outdoor experience and their charming attitude draws in a lot of accolades. Orange also alludes to an assertive persona but not in an aggressive manner.
  • Purple – Sensitivity is the core trait of the folks attracted towards purple. They are intuitive, spiritual and have aesthetic tendencies. Introverted in nature, they often prioritise others before themselves, thus the nurturers. These people have enviable creativity and often recluses themselves to their imaginative world whenever reality becomes too much to bear. They like to surround themselves with decadent things and are a firm believer in old-school romance.


  •  Black – Perhaps, the most trendy one in town, black traditionally connected with morbidity and death, in recent times has managed to debunk its ominosity. It alludes to a dignified, independent, sophisticated and strong-willed persona, fearless of short-comings and totally in control of the situation. They might seem authoritative, apparently but their stern assessment capabilities only serve to solve problems. They pose aloof and non-attached at times. Black lovers also have a high-regard of their self.
  • White – It is the colour of purity and simplicity. The lovers of white are an optimistic group of individuals often associating themselves with perfection, poise and sensibility. These individuals tend to gravitate towards neatness, to the point of displaying compulsive traits, they are self-assured in their strife, extremely detail oriented and often prefers solitude over social gatherings.
  • Grey – These individuals are calm, collected and reserved. However, they have an impersonal outlook on life and consequently have an indifferent appearance. They are diligent, hard workers who also makes for a good-critic due to their unbiased sense of opinions.

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  • Brown – Brown lovers are generally down to earth, humble souls striving for genuine, reliable connection. They put a great emphasis on family bonding. They are usually the crying shoulder and often makes for a great friend especially in times of crisis.
  • Pink – It is also known as the sweetheart colour; the pink-loving people portrays fostering qualities like that of love, generosity, kindness and warmth. They harbour an intense feminine instinct alongside a vulnerable, delicate vibe. Nonetheless, let’s not confuse it with frailty because these people boast of an inner strength which can surpass all that is daunting and mighty.
  • Gold – The individuals in the gold category exudes leadership qualities with their penchant for the limelight. They have high standards in life and demands nothing but the best! These folks thrive on success and fame just like their choice of colour.