If you’ve found yourself at an EDM music event recently you probably noticed two things: everyone that goes to them sucks, and they don’t know how to dress. (Props must be given, however, to the young ladies who frequent these things and wear basically nothing — a look that’s always in style.)

If you’re an electronic music fan of the male gender – and don’t feel like shopping for neon tank tops – Youth Machine clothing and LA EDM duo Bixel Boys have you covered. The Boys made some shirts with “FREELIFE” stamped across the chest, that have become quite the rage at concerts – even being sported by the likes of Skrillex and Flosstradamus. Youth Machine has now released their version of the popular Bixel Boys ‘team jersey’ — a black-and-white long sleeve with some hashtags and a lot of logos.

Check it out in the gallery above. You can find it on tour with the Bixel Boys, and here.