10 Amazing Denim Tricks Every Jeans Lover Must Know!


Denim tricks-Be it a man or woman, summer or autumn, every person belonging to different climatic zones, regions or customs love the essence of different types of denim. We, who fancy wearing jeans so much, sometimes do not pay much attention to the potential it holds. In today’s generation, it is widespread to see vast varieties of jeans and denim available in the diverse price range. Therefore it becomes essential to have the best look in whatever variety you wear. Steal the show with these 10 super amazing hacks on denim wears to make your personality shine like the Phoenix.


Read on to know these easy denim tricks and do share your views on it:


1. Check Out Its Elasticity

Denim tricks

To check out how stretchable your denim is, always speak to the retailer. Just in case you forget to do so and want to check it by yourself at home, you can do the following. Wear your jeans and do 60 squats so that it stretches nicely. Then check if the denim regains its shape back.


2. The Freeze Clean Technique

You might be aware of the strength it takes to clean up the light colored denim or the one on which you dropped the food mistakenly. Well, I have been through the same and understood your trouble very nicely. So, here is the solution for you. This not only deep cleans your denim but also retains the quality of the fabric. Use a stain remover to remove the dirt and dry it. Now keep the jeans in a zip bag after folding and place it in the freezer for 24 hours. After 24 hours, take it out and let it come to an average temperature before you start wearing it.


3. Make Your Legs Appear Longer Using This denim Tricks

There is always a second option than wearing high heels and stilettos. Tuck in your t-shirt or cuff your jeans to make your legs appear longer and give you a taller look.


4. The Right Way To Wear Jeans With Ankle Boots

If you are wearing your ankle boots, then you must fold your jeans from the bottom so that it is a bit above the shoes. This gives a superb look both to your shoes as well as your jeans.

5. Looking For The Perfect Jeans-Footwear Combination?

It is very troublesome to decide on which footwear to choose on which denim. You may get confused to go with the flats, the stilettos or the wedge sandals. But here we bring you a list of ideas which can help you strive through this confusion.


6. Not Having Skin Tight Jeans For High Boots? Try This Out!

If you are stuck with wearing the long boots on your denim, then fold your jeans and wear long enough socks. Put on your favorite boots without any issues.

7. Bring Colour To Your Faded Denim

If your denim is faded, then we have a trick for you as well. All you need is a bottle of denim dye, a bottle of navy dye and 3 gallons of hot water. Put half a cup of denim dye and a half cup of navy dye in 3 gallons of warm water and soak your jeans for say 5 minutes.


8. You Can Do The Hemming Easily At Home

This is easy to do because it does not require you to be an expert in sewing. You just need to cut the extra portion and sew it up. Finally, you may use an iron to work out with the creases.


9. Easy Cleaning Options

It’s tough to clean the denim if they get full of dirt or stains. Using the techniques mentioned above, you can clean it quite quickly. Hand washing should be preferred more. Also, soaking them for say 20-30 minutes can easier your task.


10. Turn Your Ordinary Jeans Into A Ripped One!

For this, you need chalk, tweezers, a box cutter, and safety pins. First, make marks where you want to use the cutter with the help of chalk. Then put a magazine inside the jeans to protect the lower layer from getting ripped. Use the cutter to make the horizontal cuts and the tweezers to make vertical cuts. Use safety pins to pull out some of the threads. You must follow these 10 amazing denim tricks to improve your look.