You Should Never Sleep With Your Head in the North, Here’s Why


You might have heard people saying that you should never sleep with your head in the north.So, What is it with elderly people who tell you not to sleep with your head placed to the north? Is there any logic behind this saying?Or is it just another silly myth? Well!! You may be surprised to know that there actually is a logic behind it. Yoga guru and holistic healing advocate Jaggi Vasudev is known worldwide as Sadhguru is the founder of the Isha Foundation that promotes the practice of yoga across centers worldwide has an interesting concept of why you should never sleep with your head placed in the north.You will be actually surprised to know the real logic behind it, and if it pleases you, you might actually start following it as well.

According to the Sadhguru, People in India have always believed that one should avoid sleeping with their head in the north direction. This is due to the following reasons:

The way your body works.

As a matter of fact, our heart is placed three-fourth of the way up of our body. Now obviously, Pumping blood to the downward portion of our body is easier than pumping blood up to the upward portion because here, gravity has its role to play. Our body is so much complexity that the Blood vessels are millions in number and they are structured in a manner that cannot be easily understood.Especially in the upper areas of the body such as the brain, there are almost hair-like vessels that require only a limited and specific amount of blood. If by chance Extra blood pumped in such areas, it could even result in a hemorrhage.

To many people’s surprise, dullness, a lowered IQ and poor focus, and concentration are all result of minor damages which occur in the brain. These minor damages may even lead to fatal consequences. If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, you are risking your own life.

Find out how your body works when you sleep with your head in the north.

If you are a science student, You might have heard about the magnetic fields of the earth. The magnetism of these magnetic poles is so strong that it affects us in our day to day lives significantly. You will find it wherever you go, throughout the geography of the planet.

When a body is lying in a horizontal position, the pulse rate is on the lower side.That means if you are sleeping, your pulse rate will be on the lower side. Now, If you sleep with your head placed in the north, the magnetic pull on the brain can cause agitation, irritation, hypertension, and a decrease in brain function and poor circulation of blood. The impact of this magnetic pull doubles up if you sleep in that manner for a longer period of time. Obviously, by sleeping in such a position for one day, you aren’t going to die the next morning, But sleeping like this regularly may affect your health in a significant manner.

Find out Which is the best direction to sleep in.

At this point, you might be wondering that if not north, which is the best direction to sleep in?The South, East & West are acceptable directions to sleep in. The East is the most preferred direction. Northeast is also fine, and so is the west and the south. But whatever the case may be, remember to never place your head in the north while sleeping. Particularly, if you are In the Northern hemisphere, place your head in any direction except North. Similarly, If you live in the southern hemisphere, then avoid placing your head in the south for the same reasons stated above.

The correct way to get up from bed

On the left side, The heart is the most important part of your physiology being. According to Ancient holistic theories, when you get out of the bed, first, roll over to your right side and then get up.Also, you should get up gradually and not with a jerk.Rolling over to your right side and getting up slowly makes sure that you do not put too much pressure on your cardiac system.

The best way to activate your body and brain

According to spiritual and medicinal science, it is believed that when you get up in the morning, you should rub your hands together and place your palms over your eyes. The reason which Indian spiritualism gives for this practice is that you will see God, but actually, it has got nothing to do with seeing God. Rather your hands have a high concentration of nerve endings that are activated as you rub them instantly. Even after doing this if you still feel drowsy and sleepy, fold your palms together for a few minutes. Doing this for a few minutes is definitely going to activate your nerves. This will brighten you up and make sure that you don’t feel sleepy or drowsy anymore.

So, avoid sleeping with your head placed in the north and follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your body fit in the long run.