10 Astonishing Makeup Hacks You Have Never Seen Before



Hey there happy hearts, today we’re going to go through some realistic makeup hacks that are entirely simple and easy.


1. Coconut oil for liquid lipsticks:


Coconut oil is always there as your savior. Many people avoid using liquid lipsticks because they get too dry on lips, you can put coconut oil to prevent drying. Let it be for about 30 seconds for it to absorb and then apply liquid lipstick. It smoothens your lips, keeping your lips healthy and dry-free.

2. Clear brow gel as glitter glue:


Apply some clear brow gel on your eyelids, then take any glitter of your choice or any loose pigment and put it over the brow gel. It will stay fixed and works in a great way acting as a glitter glue and can help you save a few bucks.

3. Contour your nose with a ruler:

For this, you’d need a small flat eyeshadow brush, a ruler, and a bronzer. Take a brush and dip it into the bronzer then you have to put the ruler on the skinniest part of your nose and apply the bronzer in a single line on both sides and then blend it out. You can brush over the leftover product, this will make your nose look smaller and slimmer.

4. Get rid of the peach fuzz instantly:

People prefer to bleach or wax their peace fuzz before putting on any makeup, but all you need is a fluffy powder brush. Finish your makeup and take a fluffy powder brush to brush down the little hair on your face so they won’t be visible anymore. These simple hacks can be used by anyone easily and many professional makeup artists use them as well.

5. Metallic eyeliner for metallic liquid lipsticks:

To use a metallic eyeliner for metallic liquid lipstick you have to check if it’s safe or not, like urban decay metallic eyeliner, which is completely safe. The eyeliner can be applied on the lips followed by any liquid lipstick over it, which helps it go smoothly and hides away your natural lip color.

6. Get a natural bronze look:


All you need is a bronzer (like MAC’s give me sun or NARS Laguna Bronzer), you are only going to use this on your face in order to contour as an eyeshadow, but remember not to put any blush. This is bound to give you an instant, amazingly natural bronze goodness look.

7. Coconut oil and bronzer to make a cream eye-shadow:

To get a wet eyeshadow look, all you have to do is put some coconut oil on the back of your hand and mix some bronzer with it and apply it over your eyelids.

8. Honey as a face moisturizer:


Organic honey has natural anti-bacterial properties, which helps to mend blemishes and helps acne spot fade away. It smoothens your face, providing a beautiful base to work on. Apply some honey on your face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it off before you apply any makeup.

9. Using fingers to get an even application of liquid lipstick:

Fingers can be very good makeup tools, put some liquid lipstick on your finger and apply it on your lips. Avoid taking large amounts to avoid creasing of the liquid lipstick. You can use lip liner to combine with the liquid lipstick and get a finer look.

10. Q tip to remove the excess product:


You might have noticed the cakey layer of makeup around your eyes and nose area. In order to avoid that, you can use a Q-Tip to remove the excess of makeup gathering up there, this will make a visible difference.

Bonus tips:

• You can obtain that Kim Kardashian contour look simply by using some loose powder and a beauty blender to get more sharper and defined look.
• Mix brown sugar, olive oil, and honey as a lip scrub, it works wonderfully.