Reverse Smokey eye makeup tutorials for festival seasons


This article is all about reverse smokey eye tutorial. How to apply this makeup. We are all very much aware of smokey eye but reverse smokey eye is different from smokey eye principle. This principle works in 2 different ways. In the smokey eye, there is color on upper lid in the dark, fading out way-from inner to outer whereas in reverse one if it is on the high cap then the darkest color should be towards the inner core and the lightest shade on the outside base. The smokey effect is created below the lower lash line leaving the upper lid colorless. So here are the steps how to give reverse smokey eye effect to your eyes. Have a look and try this technique for parties and your upcoming festivals.

Products needed for this tutorial are:

# Purely Pro Cosmetics Blush- Universal

# Urban Decay Electric Palette Pressed Pigment Palette

# Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara

# Urban Decay Naked Palette

# Loreal Paris Super Liner Waterproof Gel Eyeliner In Black

# Mac Fix+ Spray

Brushes Used:

# You need to apply the colors chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and toasted for that you will need E.L.F. SMALL PRECISION BRUSH.

# Now you need to blend the colors, apply the compact+ Virgin on the brow bone, and to pat on naked+ toasted on the upper lid for that purpose  E.L.F. Professional Blending Eye brush will be best.

# Now the last brush you need to use is the Liner Brush. “3 fine art taklon S-412” this is written on it, and it is a stationery paint brush.

All these brushes are available in an art/stationery store easily.  You can buy it from there.

Now your material which you need is complete. So let’s start the tutorial. Follow each instruction given below carefully.

Step 1: you can make eye ready with an eye primer, and you need to give a base to your eye for which you can use powder.

Step2 You need to apply a kajal for that use a gel eyeliner and then slowly blend the edges into lashes nothing should be dark.

Step 3: Then take out shade Chaos from the Electric Palette and use it over the kajal you have applied. Now you have to smoke it as low as you want. You need to have an intense color look on the lower lid that is only required.

Step 4: Now next step is to mix the jilted color with savage and apply it on inner half overlapping with blue.Don’t cover the blue altogether.

Step 5: Now for the remaining half use the shade urban and apply it. You have to create a winged shape with it.

Step 6: Now intensity must have been dimmed due to blending so to increase it you have to deepen the blue and purples, and you can also adjust the colors according to your choice. To combine the purple colors, you can use a light pink, a blush shade from purely pro in the shade universal.

Step 7: Then apply the shade toasted for brightness in the inner corner.

Step 8: Next thing you have to do is apply a mixture of mixed toasted and naked shades on the upper lid. You have to mix the face compact and the shade virgin so that you can apply it to the brow bone. Now to make a winged cat like a shape use gel liner, keeping in mind to leave the space between the purple color placed lower.

Step 9: To give it a contrast you can apply the light green color between the gap between the two wings.

Now apply mascara and use concealer and that’s it. You are done with your eye makeup. To make it look extra classy and beautiful, you can add some glitter to it. Now your lower area will also shine as the upper area. You can wear a colorful dress with this look and whoo you are ready for the party or the festival.