The 10 Secrets Behind The Beauty Of The French Women


 Beauty secrets of French women-There are no denying the fact that the French women are a species of their own, so poised and so exquisite. The aura and mystique that a French woman carries are unparalleled. From their unblemished skin to their perfectly tousled hair, we bring you the top ten secrets behind the gorgeous French persona.

Beauty secrets of French women

  1. A meticulous skin care regimen

Beauty secrets of French women

A meticulous skin care regimen one of the best beauty secrets of French women, the key to healthy, glowing skin is a skin care regimen followed to the T which is what the French women. Instead of starting to take care of their skin in the late 20s, they incorporate skincare routine in their daily life from their teenage years. Result – perfect skin.

  1. Attention to the nails

There is a reason we swear by the elegant French manicure. French women never overlook to take care of their toes and fingers. From scrubbing them with a mixture of olive oil and coarse sea salt granules to keeping them polished, their nail game is always on point.

  1. Less makeup is the key

Instead of decking up the face with too much makeup, the French women invest in a skin care regime that gives them healthy skin. They prefer their natural beauty to shine through with their pretty naturals and red lips.

  1. Essential oils are their daily essentials

For the French women, essential oils are not a luxury affair but a daily ritual for their skin. The regular use of homemade concoctions of essential oils maintains the youthful appearance of their skin and delays the aging.

  1. Perfumes are life!

The French women are very particular about their perfumes and fragrances. They have one to suit their every mood and every occasion. No wonder, the world goes gaga over their subtle, feminine notes of the French perfumes.

  1. Wine for win

For the French, a glass or two of red wine is a daily affair. With its well-known antioxidant properties and benefits like improved blood circulation, maintained health heart and anti-aging properties, wine brings more than just class to their dining tables.

  1. Cold showers to rescue

The French prefer cold showers over the steamy, hot ones as they know how hot water and steams strips the skin of its natural oils and moisture. Even if they do indulge in one, they make sure to finish with cold water.

  1. Red lips are forever!

Even if they believe that less makeup is more, no one can deny the love the French have for red pouts. Red lips are evergreen, and the French know it very well!

  1. Face masks and massages for skin pampering

The French women never fail to pamper their skin with homemade face masks and face massages as they are worth all the effort. From the blood circulation the skin gets to the natural goodness of the homemade face masks that sooth the skin, the pampering shows up with the healthiest of glow.

  1. Hassle free hair

The French believe in everything natural, and it stands true for their hair too. They are not too fond of washing the hair too much or using too much hair products. They rather believe in the power of a great haircut or the quintessential messy French buns.