Check Out Ten Healthy Fit Benefits Of eating A Banana Daily That You Did Not Know Before


Benefits of eating banana-Banana is a fruit which human eat with taste. It gets produced from the several herbaceous flowering plants and hence being a plant it is good for our health to eat. It is a natural fruit with the number of sizes, colour, and firmness. It is generally curved in shape. The part of banana that we eat after peeling it off is the softest part which can be any colour among green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when it gets ripe.

Now we should know that how our health is having a link with the eating bananas. How is it beneficial for the human body? Want to know some facts regarding the use of banana, here are some tips to keep you healthy with it.

Benefits of eating banana

Prevention of oncological diseases

10 benefits of eating banana

Bananas are rich in proteins. Proteins are best for us to prevent us from the oncological conditions. Ripe bananas are better than those unripe ones. Bananas with the dark and spotted skin are the best one to eat. Do not throw them away if they get ripe.

Fighting cramps

If you have ankle pain always then that means you lack minerals in your body. So bananas are the best to overcome the deficiency of minerals. Along with proteins, bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium that will help you in muscle cramps.

Prevention of kidney diseases

Nowadays many people suffer from kidney diseases and stones problem. Stones can increase the chance of a tumour in kidneys by 40%. So we have the solution to solve the problem. Eat more and more bananas to get released from the stones.

Robust Heart

Bananas are protein and potassium-rich, and so they can help us fight against the cardiovascular diseases. But you need to intake bananas in the regular diet. It comes as the part of your balanced diet. If you take at least 1.3 gram of banana in a day, then the risk of cardiovascular attack decreases by 26%. So I think you should get aware of its use.

Clear Blood vessels

Bananas help in the reduction of cholesterol from our body. There is two type of cholesterol present in our body good and evil, but bananas help in the reduction of bad one. The phytosterols help them in doing this process. It also makes arteries soft and broad. Our arteries become narrow with the high amount of cholesterol present.

Healthy Stomach

People generally suffer from gas problems. Also, gastric ulcers grow in their body which may give rise to many other diseases. So for them, they should eat bananas regularly. The mucus amount increases with the enzyme produced by bananas, and hence it protects the abdominal walls from damage.

A superb source of energy

Bananas are the excellent source of energy, and hence it is a requirement of our body. It is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals which gets digested very firmly. When we eat bananas, they provide us with the immediate energy. Hence it is the direct form of energy.

Makes you happy

If you are feeling low, then you should first think of eating the banana. As bananas provide us energy then only we can focus on our goal and work. Bananas are also a rich source of dopamine which is the hormone of happiness. It also contains Vitamin B complex which is good for our nervous system. Bananas stimulate our nervous system positively.

Helps diabetes

A person suffering from diabetes Mellitus type -2 should know the importance of bananas. They are very useful for them. They also contain starch like that of the resistant kind which helps in improving the adverse conditions of the body and keeps us fit and beautiful. The unripe bananas contain more starch as compared to the ripe one. Ripe bananas contain 5-gram starch and unripe contain 12.5 grams.

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The resistant starch present will help in the removal of the stored fats inside our body and give them work for providing us energy. If you are on track to lose your weight, then you should go for eating bananas in the daily routine. You will get rapid and best results. Well, we recommend you to intake 10 grams of the dose of bananas daily.