Check Out Six Office Exercises That Can Be Done On The Chair To Get Rid Off Harmful Diseases


Best office exercises to get rid of harmful diseases. When we keep on sitting for eight to nine consistently in the daily routine, then it becomes harmful for us. It seems comfortable to us that we are resting and lying all the day, but many people are not aware that it can lead to many problems in our life. We suffer from obesity and other health issues. So we should think of overcoming the problem by changing our routine for just half an hour. We need to do exercise daily so that our body will not be in the same posture for the whole time. Exercising has many benefits for us.

According to the number of the scientific research, they conclude that the maximum sitting can cause diabetes, cancer, obesity, and many other cardiovascular diseases. But don’t worry we have found many solutions to the problem. You can do many exercises by just sitting on the chair. Some of them are listed below.

6 Office exercises that you perform on chair

Knee-To-Chest Lift

6 Office exercises that you perform on the chair

The lifting exercise as stated above in the picture is the must for strengthening the abdominal muscles. It also helps us to improve the digestion and burn the body fats which are not suitable for our body.


Keep your back straight by touching your back with the chair. Keep your feet on the floor with hip-width apart. Try to pull your knee to the chest, and the belly sucked in. Perform the activity by better stretching your abdominal muscles. Repeat the steps twenty to thirty times with each knee.

Double Knee Lift

The exercise is the best for improving the work of our belly muscles and don’t worry it will not put any stress and strain on your muscles.


Sit on the chair and hold both the sides of the chair with hands. Lift your knees and try to pull them to your chest. Put the feet down but not touching the floor. Repeat the steps twenty to thirty times.

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Double Knee Lift Combined With Body Side Bends

The exercise in the above posture will help to shape your waist as a girl want. The activity will take the help of oblique muscle and will also burn the fat from the side belly of your body.


Keep your back straight and hold the chair tightly. Try to sit on the one glute. Lift knees to your chest and then return to safe position and try to perform an activity with the other side. Repeat the steps twenty to thirty times.

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Through the activity in the above image, it will help you to burn the extra fats of your belly side and your hips. It is the best exercise to increase the metabolism and giving shape to the body.


For the above exercise, you need to keep your feet on the floor. Straight your arms which matches the same level as that of your shoulder. Touch the left hand with your right feet by bending your body slightly downward. Stay in the posture for some time and then take a rest for a while. Now repeat the steps with the next hand. Perform the activity twenty to thirty times with each side.

Body Lift Above The Chair

The primary cause of the obesity is the extra fat present. The exercise will help you to burn fats very quickly. It will make your shoulders, belly, and back very toned. We make the use of our arms with the chair to lift up our body. Remember you need to use a fixed chair instead of the rolling one.


While lifting your body weight up, hold the chair very tightly and accurately. Let your hips and legs hang in the air for some time. Your abdominal muscle will help you to raise your knees to your chest. Stay in the air for at least fifteen to twenty seconds. After that take some rest and return to the original position. Repeat all the steps four times a day.

Knee-To-Elbow Lift

The activity in the above picture helps to shape the waist of our body. It will reduce the stress from your body and also it will lower the abdominal muscles. When you are doing the exercise, you should make sure that your knee will meet your opposite elbow and your upper body will bend slightly.


Your back should be straight while performing the activity. You need to sit on a chair by not touching your back with the chair. Put your behind the back as shown.

Lift up your left knee up to your chest and at that time bend your right elbow towards your knee.

You need to follow the steps for at least fifteen times while sitting in the original position and change the side of your posture and repeat for another fifteen minutes.

Try to give four series for the 15 lifts.