10 Fashion hacks for fixing all your fashion-related problems!


‘FASHION IS INSTANT LANGUAGE’ So, Convey your thoughts through your fashion sense!

Everyone is expected to look their very best all the time and to carry themselves with confidence.Being perfect all the time is a very difficult task. But not if you know all these fashion hacks which will fix all your fashion-related problems. SO, TAKE A LOOK AT THEM AND BE READY TO OUTSHINE ALWAYS!


1. Hoke up your bra to your top and avoid your bra strap from being on show!


2. Remove deodrant stains from your shirt using a dryer sheet. You’re good to go!


3. Don’t bid adieu to your old shoes, make them look new instead!

A little fabric can make your shoes look new again!


4. Give your tights a long life!

Spraying hairspray on your tights will make them long lasting. WOW! NEVER KNEW THAT!!




6. Ever thought of using your shower cap to pack your flip- flops while travelling? If not, Give it a thought now!


7. Prevent your shirt’s buttons from popping out!!

Just apply a coat of clear nail polish over your buttons. Your shirt’s buttons will never pop out again ever!

8. Match your bobby pins with your nail polish! wow!!!


9. De- fuzz your favourite sweater using a pumice stone! How wonderful is that!!


10. Your hair conditioner will come to your rescue in case you run out of shaving cream.