Love is Beautiful!! These comic illustrations are a proof of the beauty of intimacy.


We never know that we’re making memories while we’re just having fun! What matters the most in life are the small moments spent with our loved ones. We crave spending time with our loved ones. We want their presence all the time. These moments should never be taken for granted!

The illustrations on love by the French-American artist, Pascal Campion will show you the beautiful side of love. We often find ourselves pondering upon the memories of the-the first time we confessed our love to somebody, the first time we hugged somebody, the first time we kissed our one and only. These moments make us vulnerable. The countless memories we have of love are incomparable. They are serene and pure! So pure that it makes your heart melt away.


We find joy in the little things such as

Escaping a party together just to have some time to yourselves

Travelling together and Sharing stuff like earphones while traveling.

Dancing our hearts away

Cuddles with our newborn and what not!

This artist proves that “The real beauty lies at the moment!”

See it yourself:



Now and always!


Morning Cuddles are the best!

Mornings feel good with your loved one by your side.


Time for some baby love!

Nothing can be as satisfactory as this.


Sunday, Funday!

Those intimate Sundays!


A pure bliss!!

Tight hugs make everything seem alright.



When you crave only each others presence.


Hugs from the back- THE BEST!

And the whispers in the ear. Magical!


And playing games together

Playing video games together is GOALS!


People who eat together stay together!

Cold nights, warm blanket, food and cozy cuddles!!!


And what’s cooking?

Cuddles while cooking in the kitchen!!


Watching sunsets together….

And sharing a comfortable silence..


We and only us!!

Together forever..!

Enjoying each other’s company even while you work..

True love is being busy but together.


When he cooks for you

That’s true love!!!!


Sharing is caring.

Joy in sharing the small things..


Household chores turn out to be full of romance.!!

Even work becomes fun that way.


Dancing the pain away!!

Even the kids join in!!


Playing and teasing

Life’s more fun with your loved one.

Long time no see..and hugging the agony away

When you don’t see each other for a long time, it feels like ages have passed!


He knows how to make you happy in all the right ways!

That’s what relationships are for.. after all.



And you like each other better when you’re wasted!!


We hope that these illustrations melted your hearts away and you were reminded of your special someone. Appreciate these little moments in life before they start slipping out of your hands. After all, they give us the true meaning of life.

Source: Trend Crown


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