Getting a Manicure at the salon is a girl’s way of relaxing, having fun and being pampered. The best part is you get to choose from a zillion of colors, but making a choice is also the most challenging part! As good as it feels upon getting a manicure done, the cost of getting manicure frequently is not affordable by all. Lack of time can be another hindrance in getting frequent manicures. So what do we do now? These nail hacks are the answer to all the above problems! Try them yourself!!

1. The chilling therapy!

If you wish to dry your nail polish faster, just rinse your nails under cold water for 2-3 minutes after painting them. This will let them dry quicker and you’ll prevent the risk of smudging and ruin your nail polish!

2. Get sharp edges!

If you’re fond of making patterns on your nails, this hack is meant just for you! You can create your favorite designs over your nails using a tape. Using a tape will give the perfect finish to your nails. To start off, paint your nails with a base coat and let them dry completely. In the meanwhile, you can cut out the tape of desired shape and size, but make sure you do not ruin your base. Now, stick the tape on your nails in whichever pattern your desire. Paint them in trendy color combinations. There you go! It’s that easy, and the best part is the possibilities are endless! So, don’t hesitate to experiment!

3. The glowstick hack!

To get shiny glow stick inspired nails, just mix glowstick in a bottle of clear polish! Paint your nails with your favorite color and apply a layer of the prepared clear polish. You’re done! This hack is terrific for night parties and to freak out people on Halloween night!

4. Make your shade!!

As I said earlier, the possibilities are endless! You can even create your shade of nail polish. All you have to do is just add a bit of your favorite eyeshadow pigment to your clear polish. Tadaaa! The best part is that you can accurately match your nail polish with you eyeshadow!!

5. The lotion works like a magic eraser!

We have not perfected the art of applying nail polish, and so, we sometimes end up using it even on the nearby skin area. If you to face this problem often, just apply a generous amount of lotion on your skin before applying nail polish. It will be straightforward to wipe off any nail polish that you’ve by mistake applying it on your skin!

6. Vinegar will make your nail polish last longer!

To make your nail polish long lasting, just clean your nails with vinegar before you apply your nail polish. You’ll be surprised with the results!

7. Sticky nail art!

If you’re finding it difficult to make patterns on your nails, you can very quickly make the desired pattern on a plastic sheet and then peel it off later when it dries. Then just stick it over your nails using a bright polish. Problem solved!

8. Sharpie, the lifesaver!

Sharpie will work fine for the girls who want perfect nails but don’t want to go great lengths. Also, remember to spray a little bit of hairspray before adding the top coat!

9. Matte is in vogue!

If you wish to replace your bright nail polish with a matte one, just add a little bit of cornstarch to it. How good is this hack??!!!

10. Get french tips easily!

You can get the perfect french tips using a rubber band or a band-aid! Just stick the band-aid where you want your suggestions to start as shown in the picture. Then paint your nails and remove the band-aid after you’re done! You’ll get those clean and classic french nails in no time!