Failures In Nail Art That Made Us Pale


Failures in nail art-Well, we do a lot of things and don’t worry if you fail in them. One try cannot bring the results either you have done them with perfection. It is not easy to do the things right the first time. It takes time. Many girls tried something little extra with their nails and painted them, but they have proved that it is not that easy as you think always.

You must be perfect with your eyes to perform such things. Your hands need to steady-state so that they can pull off some of the master’s techniques of the pros. It requires a lot of skill, and many even turned their nail paints as the spoiler of their nails.

Failers in nail art

Failures In Nail Art

It is like a skill that everyone does not possess. No matter what we should try and adopt it. Well, here we are going to explain to you an example of the paint job that ends up in failing it even more than nailing it. Many other people through videos make it look easy through the random tutorials, but one thing we can say is we should face the reality of the situation. It is tough. It is because we do not have those skills to produce such.

So, as we look up at the favorite runner-ups for the hacked nail jobs, we are here with an excellent video for you people to understand the real meaning of painting your nails. Here we are going to show some of the failures in nail art.

Lining the nails up.

We can conclude it as the perfect example of choosing the expectations versus reality phenomena. You generally look for in online. Well, it is challenging to draw a line with your hands on the notebook. Then how can you think that it is easy for you to go for manually bringing the line in the straight position? It is challenging than you always believe in your imagination.

Drawing the marble swirl nail art to look great.

Well, as we know when we get fed up with the things it becomes messy. Messy things make our life even more difficult than this. Well, if you plan to draw the texture of the marble on your nails, then it is evident that like marbles the nail paint will also become complicated which may even frustrate you at one end.

The next for attaining uniqueness in the nails.


Well, while I was drawing such texture and the pattern, we were not at all sure about its 100% failure or not. But we kept on going for it. But it hurts you badly when you end up with these nails break off and that too in the wrong pattern.

It is not easy to attain the texture look of your nails.

And I think that is what you get after having a lot of expectations about your art. The nails are going to be killer to pull them off. Or even we can say that the paint seems like pulling the duct tape off of your nails. I think nobody is going to like it ever in your lifetime.

The reality is something else, but our expectations are different and hence we always say that expectations always hurt. Ok, now let us take an example of the woman who wanted to draw the pattern of her country flag on her hand. But later she ends up in messing up her nails. Here is the result which the girl produced when she was much eager to know her drawing technique.

I think now she must have understood that it is not the play of hands in one second. It is pretty hard to have stripes on your nails. But it is quite easy to have them on the video as we see. I think the picture might be animated in that case on they might be using some material to have perfection.

Well, one thing we can say is you need practice. In a single time, you will not get whatever you want.