We’re all aware that rich people live in a completely different universe than us regular folk. They have different perspectives than we do, and they have expensive hobbies that we could only dream of trying out. While many of us adopt stray cats and dogs, rich people look for and collect exotic animals just because they can. And while we spend our weekends hanging out with friends or family at our favorite local spot, others travel across the world for only a day, bringing with them elite girls for entertainment.

There are a plethora of interesting things you can do with your time with just a bit of money. So, have you ever wondered what rich people do as a form of recreational activity? In this article, we’ll list down some of the most common hobbies that only the wealthy tend to enjoy.

Playing Polo

You may have heard of polo before, a team sport that’s played on horseback. It’s a game that the royal family or those with noble status enjoy, so it’s no wonder that it’s a hobby that requires quite a lot of money as well. For instance, you’ll need to fork over about $3,000 a year just for full membership in the Detroit Polo Club.

That’s already quite a lot, right? But that’s not all—that amount doesn’t even cover the cost of buying your own horse, which could reach as high as $250,000 if you want to get a pony fit for polo.

Collecting Rare & Exotic Creatures

When you have a lot of money to spare, it makes sense to want to start collecting. Collecting is a common trait that the wealthy have. For instance, it isn’t just enough that they own a cat or dog with the most expensive breed—there are many millionaires and billionaires out there who enjoy collecting expensive and exotic animals. As you can imagine, this kind of hobby doesn’t come cheap.

For example, you’ll need $15,000 to $25,000 on average if you want to buy your very own cheetah club. A grown tiger will be more expensive, reaching up to $50,000, while a tiger cub will cost $3,200. It’s significantly less, but it’s still expensive, nonetheless. On the other hand, purchasing a lion cub can cost somewhere between $1,500 and $15,000.

Once you get to own these exotic animals, you also have to think about where you want to keep them and ensure they’re being cared for correctly. As such, you’ll also have to spend about $94,000 just to set up a living facility for these big cats, as well as over $8,000 for their annual care.

Mountain Climbing

Many people enjoy hiking; seeing the view at the very top is a one-of-a-kind experience that no one should miss out on. However, if you want to reach the top of world-renowned summits, you’ll need a hefty amount of money. For instance, you’ll need to prepare at least $11,000 for license fees alone if you want to climb and reach the peak of Mount Everest.

Not only that, but you also have to take into account your oxygen, food, guide, base camp, and more beforehand. According to MountEverest.net, you could still end up shelling out $25,000 overall for just a low-budget expedition.

Playing Golf

Golf is a game that many people associate with the rest, and it’s no surprise. If you look back at all the movies you’ve seen involving rich people and businessmen, there will most likely be a scene wherein they’re all playing golf. While it’s true that any regular person can play golf in their backyard—there are no laws saying you can’t do so—you’ll need serious money if you want to experience the best golf courses out there.

Most of the time, these golf courses and golf clubs require you to become a member first before being allowed the privilege of playing in the courses—and these membership fees cost quite a lot. For instance, the membership fee of New Jersey’s Liberty National Golf Club will cost you more or less $300,000, not to mention the annual dues which could go as high as $29,000 per family.

Collecting Antiques & Art

As mentioned previously, rich people enjoy collecting things, and it doesn’t just stop at exotic animals. They also enjoy collecting antiques and art. Of course, that isn’t to say that this hobby is only exclusive to the right. Anyone can freely collect antiques and art they might stumble upon at garage or estate sales.

But it’s a completely different story if you’re rich with a considerable amount of extra money to spare because you would naturally go for the expensive items, too. It all depends on what you’re specifically collecting, though. If a wealthy person is in the process of expanding their handmade rug collection, they wouldn’t mind paying as much as $257,000 for a Persian silk rug that’s around 150 years old.

The same goes for collecting art. Needless to say that this is an expensive hobby, especially if you like collecting high-end art. For instance, “Les Femmes d’Alger” by Pablo Picasso was once sold for $179 million in 2015 to an anonymous bidder, while Paul Gaugin’s “When Will You Marry?” was purchased for $300 million.

Traveling the World

Many people can go on vacation and spend a relaxing getaway with friends or loved ones, but with rich people, they get to do this with class and style. For instance, those people with a considerable amount of money won’t hesitate to purchase first-class tickets and only the best-rated hotels and accommodations.

Hunting Big Game

Hunting as a hobby isn’t necessarily expensive in and of itself, but if you’re aiming to go for the big game, you must also get ready to pour out the contents in your wallet or bank account. For example, hunting elephants, lions, and other big-game creatures will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, while some expeditions could even go as high as %70,000.

Horse Racing

Just like polo, horse racing is also another popular hobby favored by the rich. While you don’t need to spend thousands just to place a bet, you’ll need more than that if you want to breed, train, and then race your very own horses in tournaments. In 2015, The Jockey Club revealed that the average cost of a racehorse was over $65,000, and it may have only increased throughout the years.

Going Yachting

While you don’t need to know how to sail a yacht, since renting one already comes with a captain and crew, what you do need is a bank account full of money. According to TheRichest, you’ll need to spend about $5,000 per day if you want to rent a yacht, while Forbes mentions that a 170-foot yacht will cost around $50 million if purchased outright.


Last but not least, a lot of wealthy people enjoy winemaking. And it’s not just about going to a winery and creating your own blend—some people actually buy their own land to transform it into a vineyard and hire staff to take care of it for them. According to Forbes, you’ll need about $100,000 per acre if you want to buy land in Napa so you can start your own winery.


As you can see, the rich and wealthy have their own beautiful yet expensive bubble. While we regular folk are free to do some of these hobbies in our own way, we could only dream of reaching the heights that rich people go to.