Whether you host the miner on the mining farm or mining by yourself, you must understand these points related to your income and the fate of your miner.

Take the Antminer as an example. Other miners have similar principles.

Miners power off

If nothing happens, it is generally not recommended to cut off the power. However, if an actual situation needs to be cut off, the power can be cut off at most twice a day. It is important to note that if the surrounding environment is relatively humid and the humidity is relatively high, try not to turn off the miner. Because in a humid environment, the miner is prone to moisture, causing short circuits and other conditions.

Moreover, if the power is often cut off, it is easy to cause the hash board to be abnormal. The abnormality of the hash board will directly affect your profit and even lead to the inability to mine.

Hash boards are very precious, so cherish and protect them. If your hash board is broken and you want to replace it with a new one, you can also buy it on the Zeus Mining website.

In addition, when the power is off, use the switch if there is a switch. It is not recommended to unplug the power cord directly. If there are only one and two, that’s okay. If there are too many, it’s also prone to errors.

When powering off, one more thing to consider is whether your circuit can withstand an instant power supply (instant power supply = the sum of the power consumption of all miners). If not, turn on or off, one by one. It is recommended to upgrade your circuit as much as possible. If you don’t understand circuits, go to a professional electrician.

Unstable voltage

The voltage is unstable, it is easy to go wrong. For example, it is easy to cause the insufficient output of the power supply, and then the miner’s hash rate will become low. In severe cases, it will even burn out the power supply and the miners.

The voltage problem must be paid attention to. So how to keep the voltage stable?

The easiest way is to find a professional electrician. A good electrician can solve the voltage problem perfectly. Try not to think about it yourself, unless you are an electrician. Of course, you can also hire an electrician yourself, so that you can find and deal with problems on time.

Miners disconnected

What should I do if the network is suddenly disconnected while mining? Will it cause any damage to the miner?

Don’t worry; there is automatic shutdown protection.

However, we still need to pay attention because the miner has this automatic shutdown protection mechanism.

After the network is disconnected, if the network is not restored within 15 minutes, it is strongly recommended that the miner be powered off in time.

Because even though the network is disconnected, the miner will still run at full power in the local area network. However, the operation consumes electricity, which is the mining cost. Therefore, there is no need to increase the unnecessary cost forcibly. Moreover, sometimes some miners may run into errors due to network disconnection.

Cut off the power in time.

Network instability

The network is good and sometimes bad, intermittent. How to mining?

This is just a little better than simply disconnecting from the internet. It will still seriously affect mining. For example, when connecting to the mining pool to submit hash rate, the network is poor, the submission fails, or the original 14T hash rate result is only 5T submitted, isn’t that a heavy loss?

How to solve the situation of network instability?

Find the network operator where you found the network, then go to whoever settles the account.

When planning, it is necessary to include network issues and find a better and stable network.

Finally, let’s talk about the problem of leakage of the miners.

This is also a severe problem. It is related to the safety of the miner and the safety of the personnel.

One of the big reasons for leakage is that the grounding is not done well!

Grounding must be careful! Hire a professional electrician, let the electrician help you plan the circuit problems and grounding methods.

If the grounding is not done well, the shell of the miner is charged. When mining, the control board and the hash board of the miner are easily damaged.

The problem will be even more significant if the people on the scene come into contact with it, and no one wants to see this happen.

The following is a simple detection method (not a panacea, it is the most practical to find a professional electrician):

Tool: Fluke 15b+ multimeter


Here is a brief introduction to the purpose of the multimeter. In addition to the standard functions of measuring AC and DC voltage, AC and DC, resistance, diode, on-off, and transistor magnification, the multimeter! There is also the ability to measure capacitance, inductance, temperature, frequency, and more.

Operation steps: First, set the gear of the multimeter to 220V AC when the miner is running,

  1. If the shell of the miner is not in contact with the metal of the shelf, use the two test leads of the multimeter to contact the shell of the miner and the metal part of the shelf, respectively.

2. If the metal cover of the miner’s network port is not in contact with the control board of the miner, then use the two test leads of the multimeter to contact the metal cover of the miner’s network port and the shell of the miner respectively.

In the above two methods, look at the multimeter to see if there is any voltage displayed. If there is, it means that there is electricity leakage and the grounding is not done correctly. On the other hand, if there is no voltage, it is good and there is no leakage.

The above can be used as a reference for the mining farm. If you are looking for a mining farm trustee, it can also be used as an inspection standard. Carefully observe whether the mining farm has done an excellent job in these aspects.