10 Tips and tricks to apply your lipstick correctly.


Hi everyone!

Today’s post is all about one of the most integral parts of any woman’s life, that is, Lipstick! Women of all age groups love to wear lipsticks.You can find just the right shade of lipstick for different skin tones and different occasions.You can skip out on your makeup, but the lipstick is the one thing that you will never skip. This is true in case of most of the women. But why do we love lipsticks so much? Well, because it makes our face stand out, making the mouth look rich and refined.

Now one thing that needs to be pondered upon is what’s the point of spending so many bucks on lipsticks if you’re only going to apply it all wrong? Yes, we tend to make many lipstick blunders unknowingly. To list a few of them, let’s start with the incorrect shade selection, and then move on to the wrong application. Not knowing which shade to pick and thereby picking a shade which doesn’t compliment your skin tone is by far the biggest blunder that you can make. Then getting lipstick on your teeth, over lining your lips too much, applying lipstick on chapped lips are a some of the other mistakes. This mistakes only makes your face look ugly instead of beautifying it. But don’t worry we’re here to your rescue.So, let’s acquaint you with the 10 rules that are necessary for lipstick applications!

1. Start Fresh.

The first tip is always to start working on fresh lips. You should first cleanse your lips to remove all the dirt and oil.The best way to do that is to Clean them with oil and dirt removing wipes. Though cleaning your lips is highly recommended you can go for Re-coating of pre-applied lipsticks only if you are in absolute hurry and the last coat was applied less than 3 hours ago.After cleaning your lips, it is necessary to moisturize them with a lip balm and then only move ahead with the lipstick application. Using lip balm whenever you are not using lipsticks, is the best way to exfoliate them.

2. Say No to too much Sparkle.

Shimmery lips are not everyone’s cup of tea. They sure look good but only when light reflections come from the moisture on the lips rather than the metallic elements of the sparkly lipsticks.So to sum it up, glittery lips are useless unless you’re walking on the runway! Apart from that, sparkles dehydrate your lips leaving them cracked and chapped.

3. Choose the Right Shade of Bright

If you’re choosing a bright lip color, always remember to make your choice in accordance with your natural lip color and not your complexion. This way, you’ll never make the wrong choice. Isn’t it surprising? Cherry, reds, and corals look best on women with pale or light pinkish lips. Women who have lips with reddish pigmentation should go for brighter colors such as hot pinks and oranges. For darker lips, brick red or burgundy is the most suitable.

4.Pick the right nude.

You should pick the right color of nude in accordance with your skin tone. It is better to go for a nude color that is slightly brighter or deeper than your skin tone, otherwise, it won’t stand out. If you have a fairer skin tone, then go for shades with undertones of pink. If you have a darker skin tone, go for shades with undertones of brown – such as beige.

5. Don’t go too over the board.

People in general, have a tendency to sometimes overdo things. They sometimes end up creating an overly dramatic look with darker shades of lipstick like black or very deep brown. These colors may make you stand out from the crowd, but that will be because you will end up looking too scary. Many girls have off-colored lips and darker skin tones on which pastels don’t really look nice, but shades with blue or black undertones can look very severe. These shade also make you look older. Still, if you want to pick darker shades, stick to the ones with berry or red undertones – such as browns, deep reds and some shades of purples (but make sure that you’re able to carry them well).

6. Skip liners.

As a matter of fact, lip liners are not that important anymore. Thanks to liquid lipsticks which also work as lip liners.Still, If you want to enhance your cupid’s bow a bit more, or to add symmetry or just enhance your lip line, then chose a liner that best matches your lip color rather than the lipstick shade.

7. Soften the harsh edges.

You should apply your lipstick carefully.However, you should avoid having sharp lines. Rather go for a softer look and Smudge the borders of your lips slightly to give that well-defined look, yet stopping your lips from looking artificial.

8. Start at the Center.

Start applying lipstick on the middle part of your lower lip and then move to the middle part of your upper lip that is the cupid’s bow.Blend the color out towards the corners of your lips using a brush to soften any harsh lines. Never start directly at the corners of your lips as it would just make you look clownish.

9. Less is more.!

Avoid overdoing your lips. It will only make your lips too artificial.Just apply a single or at most two coats of lipstick and then gently press your lips together. You may even Use your finger to even out the color over your mouth. This way, your lipstick will not feel too heavy on your lips.

10. Blot It Out!!

Blotting is the best way to make the lipstick last longer and to minimise the matte effect of the lipstick. After applying lipstick, blot it using a tissue paper. Finish it up by applying a coat of sheer lip gloss (or the lipstick if it is a liquid one). Blotting will provide a base while the second coat will add shine to your lips.