Hello ladies!

How are you all? We all know that our struggle with our hair is real! While some of us have easily manageable hair, others find it extremely difficult to manage their hair. And Even though you might have manageable hair, changing your look quite often becomes very difficult for you. Isn’t it? And for those who have horrible hair like me, then it becomes ten times more difficult. Our hair requires being tamed at all times. If you have very short hair, then there is not much that you can do to change your look. On the other hand, if you have medium to long hair, the possibilities are endless for you!You can go ahead and experiment with your hair to change your look every now and then. But one important thing to be noted is that while experimenting, you need to take care of your hair as well. Too much heat treatment or too many artificial products can cause irreversible damage to your hair. So let’s start the hair styling tutorial that you’ve all been waiting for. And don’t worry because these hairstyles are super easy and will not require much of your time. Let’s go!

1. The classic Top knot

This one is for your bad hair days or your lazy days where you don’t want to put in much effort, yet want to look stylish. This can literally be your go-to hairstyle, as it is so damn cute and super chic .It will also keep all your hair off of your face. It would be better if you tease the hair from the front before making it into a knot. This will give more volume to your knot.

2.The classic French braid!

The classic French braid is easy to attain. Once you learn it, you can make unlimited French braids anywhere and everywhere on your head because it’s so easy!It goes pretty well with all your outfits, and it keeps your hair in place all day long. You can try a simple French braid or combine bang braid and French braid.

3. Braided knot

If your hair is not layered, this is by far the most beautiful hairstyle that you’ll ever come across. To start off, Tie your hair in a high ponytail and braid it. After that, secure the braid with a hair band and tie the braid into a bun. Use as many bobby pins as you want to make your hair stay in place. To make this look long lasting, Use a hairspray to finish it off.

4. Hair Twists

You can even try out the twisted hairstyle. Start by Taking a section of hair on each side and twisting it and at the same time taking it to the back. Secure each section with a bobby pin. Keep the rest of your open, and you’re good to go.

5. Accessorize it with a Scarf updo

If you have short hair, try this one.This looks particularly preferable for a beach trip. Tie a scarf on your head and start tucking your hair from the sides. Continue this until the end, and that’s it! Isn’t it super easy?

6. Fishtail Braid

Well, fishtail braids will never go out of fashion. You can even mix it up with French braid or leave it messy.

7. Half updo

This is a cute hairstyle which you can try out on various occasions.Take half of your hair from the top and tie it in a small ponytail or a bun(whichever suits you the best). Here’s a pro tip- Before tying, tease the hair at the edges.

8. Braid bands

What can be better than creating hairbands with your own hair? This one’s pretty difficult to attain, but once you master it, there’s no looking back!! It has various types: French braid band, fishtail braid band.

9. Rock your bed head

This is the simplest and the most effortless hairstyle that you’ll ever come across. Just tie a top knot and go to sleep. In the morning undo the knot and run your fingers through them. Use a hairspray if you like and there you go.

10. Chic ponytail

A simple ponytail never gets boring(unless you wear it on a daily basis). Before tying your hair in a ponytail, Tease the hair from the front to add a twist. You can keep your ponytail low or high, as per your preference.

11. Change your parting

Did you know that even changing the parting can create a completely different look? So, the next time you go for a haircut, specify that you would like to change your partings. The middle parting looks really good with braids.

12. Go for highlighting!!

Keeping your hair color the same for ages can be a bit boring. But if you are still reluctant to dye your entire hair, just go in for some funky highlights to change your look a bit.No matter what hairstyle you carry, the right shade of highlight looks good on anyone and everyone!

13. Use Bobby pins

To keep your look simple, Tease your hair from the front and pin it back. You can even use fancy bobby pins to do that.

14. Slick hair

Slick hair looks really great on almost everyone. So straighten your hair, use your hair mousse and get that slick look!

15. Loose braids

This is a cool and funky look. It doesn’t need to be perfect because the messier, the better! Start from the top with a bang braid and continue it as a normal braid and secure it at the end.

That’s all for today. Let me know which hairstyle did you like the best and also feel free to share some of your favorite hairstyles in the comments section!