Writing an essay is not an easy task. Even accomplished experts who offer online essay writing sometimes struggle to complete their tasks. When there’s a looming deadline for the task, things get trickier. For most college students, several days to work on an essay is not enough time.

There’s research to do, ideas to organize, and the actual writing. Amidst all this, there are other responsibilities which inevitably leads to a risk of missing the deadline.

What do you do when you have a few hours or less than an hour to go to the deadline? For a start, you should not panic. It is possible to write a good essay even when short of time.

This guide explores different techniques to help you write faster.

Find The Ideal Writing Environment

You have to find a secluded place for maximum concentration on the essay. If you normally work in your room, try a quieter place in the library or away from distractions. Research shows that distractions negatively affect productivity at work.

It takes a lot of time to get back to the essay writing after the slightest distraction. Switch off your electronic devices for improved focus on the task. Phones are the greatest distraction in today’s society, with the ordinary user checking the device 52 times a day.

Whether you have five hours or 30 minutes to complete the essay, remember every minute counts.

Read And Understand The Essay Guidelines

Before you rush to start writing, take your time to read all the writing instructions provided. It is important to carefully analyze every item in the guidelines to understand what you have to do. Underline the prompts and seek clarification if anything is not clear.

Once you do this, you gain the confidence to handle the paper within the short time available. More importantly, you won’t make any time-wasting blunders.

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Plan The Available Time

It might not seem necessary to plan that one hour available for your essay. However, this is the greatest mistake you will make in essay writing. You need a schedule if you want to write fast. It is the oldest rule in the writing book and still applies when short of time.

Spend more time on the preparation for the essay, including topic research, gathering materials, and structuring the paper. That is the easiest trick in writing essays faster. It gives you all the resources you need to start writing without stopping.

Create a Killer Outline

Many students have great ideas for their essays. However, in a rush to beat time, they end up omitting them or jumbling them up. If you are short of time, you can still write a good quality essay by first outlining the paper.

An outline services as the roadmap for your essay. It shows where every point will go, and you will have an easy time when you get down to writing.

Your outline must have an introduction, which also has a thesis, body paragraphs each with a new idea, and a convincing conclusion. If you spend more time on the outline, you will complete your essay within the deadline.

Narrow Down Your Topic

If you have little time available for your paper, don’t try to cover a wide subject. If you had picked the topic earlier, you need to narrow it down to fit the available time. A wide subject requires extensive research, and there’s no time for this. It also requires a lot of writing, and you want to avoid this.

Narrowing down the topic helps you exhaust every idea in the body paragraph. You will write a better quality paper even with the short time available.

Gather Research Materials Early

Once you understand the essay topic, it becomes easier to identify the research materials required. Collect all the materials you need early enough.

Before you sit down to organize your ideas, make sure you have everything you need. Most college students waste their time doing last-minute research. The ideas they get are not conclusive and only lead to time wastage.

Focus on the Thesis

Your thesis can make or break your essay. When you don’t have a lot of time for the essay, you need to focus on a thesis that makes your work easier.

The purpose of the essay is to support your thesis, and if you pick a complex thesis statement, you will have to research and write extensively to convince the reader. Go for a concise and direct thesis statement, which is easy to prove using available materials.

Craft a Strong Introduction

The introduction of forms the foundation of the paper. If you have a weak introduction, you will also have trouble building on it in the other paragraphs.

You need to make your introduction solid to show why this paper is worth the reader’s time. Use a quote, rhetorical question, statistics, or any other hook to create the best first impression.

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Write With A Purpose

If you want to write fast, you should have a purpose in mind. Don’t think about a good grade alone but instead focus on the topic and work towards convincing the reader.

Write with an objective in mind, and you will find your thought process working seamlessly. Ideas will flow easily towards achieving the goal you have set.

Review And Edit Your Work

After completing your essay, there’s still have one more crucial step to go. Read through the essay with a fine-toothcomb and identify any grammatical or structural errors. That might seem like a waste of time, but it is still a necessary task even when short of time.

Wrapping up

Essay writing is a tough undertaking for most college students. When short of time, the task becomes even more daunting. However, there’s no need to panic. All you need to do is prepare adequately before starting your essay. It will save you a lot of time when you get down to work. You should also focus on a few ideas and exhaust them to support your thesis.