An essay is an author’s written promotion of their own perspective about a certain topic. Traditionally, the body of an essay is comprised of 3 parts. However, today, many writers take a five parts approach to essays; introduction, first body paragraph, second body paragraph, third body paragraph, and conclusion. You can go check out this useful APA paper example.


A sound introduction is supposed to consist of content which grabs the reader’s attention and presents the main idea of an essay in the most concise manner. Other than that, the introductory paragraph must include some background information or a brief history of the topic being discussed.

The introduction is the most important part of an essay. No matter how strong the rest of your essay is, if the introduction is not strong enough, the reader would not want to read ahead.

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The body is composed of all the content after the introduction and before the conclusion. Making use of supporting examples in the body of your essay is always a smart way to make your essay interesting. Since the body is lengthy and can bore readers, it is important that you create content that keeps the reader hooked to it till the very end. The body of an essay is further divided into different parts:

First Body Paragraph

The body paragraphs are supposed to build on various aspects and points related to the main topic. Each body paragraph must discuss, express, build an argument, or propose a perspective on a separate sub-point. The first body paragraphs are generally expected to discuss the strongest facts and evidence and end in such a way that their content easily blends into the second body paragraph’s content.

Second Body Paragraph

The second body paragraph, in the same manner, is supposed to consist of arguments on runner up facts. The idea is to discuss the evidence in a transitional way, which paves the way for the author’s ideas to be transitioned into the third body paragraph.

Third Body Paragraph

The third body paragraph ideally consists of the weakest points and facts which can be used in an essay. Even though they are the weakest facts, an author does not have to make it obvious and can argue in their favor using extensively researched examples. However, citing too many examples is not a good idea. A maximum of 2 -3 examples will do.

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The last part of an essay is its conclusion. This is where the authors reiterate their original point of view. Reaffirming it with statements that support their argument and referring to examples they have used throughout the essay. This paragraph is used to tie all the pieces of the content together into one final epilogue. The conclusion of an essay is the part based on which the reader will form an opinion.

If you have kept the reader hooked to your essay till the end but fail to make the conclusion happening or intriguing enough, the reader will consider the time spent on reading your essay a waste of time. A conclusion that blends with the rest of your content seamlessly and leaves the reader in a state of awe or shock is considered a good conclusion.

All parts of an essay are equally important to create a good essay. A sound understanding of what each part of an essay is supposed to be like is important for the creation of a masterpiece!