Making a relationship work is a continuous effort. It isn’t easy and has its share of ups and downs. All relationships face unique challenges, but it takes zeal to make it work.

The road can be steep and rocky, but don’t put a stop on your drive. Make sure at the end of the day, the destination is worth every effort. When you realize your relationship has hit a rough patch, inhale a deep breath and take heart. You might have to start it from scratch.

If you are in front of one of these situations, here is a crash course to turn the relationship around:

1. Make It Your Utmost Priority

In our everyday lives, we are often busy, which imparts a negative impact on our surrounding relations. Relationships can either grow or die. If you want your relationship with your partner to flourish and grow, it is advisable to nurture it, invest in it, and take great care of it.

If one of the above-mentioned things is unkempt, a relationship will eventually die. Whenever a relationship is struggling, it is an alarming sign that it has been abandoned, by one or both partners. The only way to strengthen your relationship is to make it your utmost priority.

2. Kindness Cost Nothing

We often come across a phrase – kindness costs nothing. It takes few seconds to appreciate your significant other with sentences like, ‘You are wearing a nice shirt’ ‘Thank you for helping around, and ‘Your new shoes look good on you’ etc. You can also dial-in to check on your partner in his/her office.

Make sure these compliments are heartfelt and specific. Pass a smile whenever there is an eye-contact. It won’t be long before you start to appreciate it, and it is never too late to make small acts of kindness and love a part of your routine.

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3. Exchange A Few Words With Each Other

To make any relationship successful, you need to communicate openly. It takes nothing to start a conversation. No matter how tired you are, take time to communicate. Ask your partner about their day, dreams, plans, and goals, etc. Keep their darkest secrets safe in your heart, and make yourself emotionally available to them.

Words are powerful. When you put your partner or your relationship down, you are causing damage. Don’t make derogatory comments on the looks of or pass any insulting or belittling remarks. Watch out your words. Furthermore, whenever you are arguing, look at your actions too. Remember that your actions speak much louder than words.

4. Come In Contact With Your Partner

Human touches are the reason for the release of feel-good endorphins. Revive the days of the start of your relationship, hold hands often, caress your hand through her/his hair, and plant small kisses on cheeks and ears. Sweet and innocent touches can help you build the fortress of love.

Start with building a friendship. Studies show that being friends with your partner pays off. Don’t forget to make time for intimacy, even if you must log it in your day planner. Learn how to increase intimacy in your relationship. Also, don’t let anyone invade your intimacy and privacy. Let it be your time.

5. Stop Blaming Your Partner

Stop blaming your partner for everything wrong in your life. If the time is not right, it doesn’t give you a reason to play blame-game. If you are angry, disappointed, betrayed, bored, or stressed out (just because you had a bad day at your workplace), your significant other is not held responsible for it. Never point a finger at your partner for the off beam goings-on in your life.

The apt fix in this situation is that you must evaluate yourself. When you address your flaws and seek the best in your companion, magic tends to happen. Optimism increases. You and your partner feel better because he or she feels appreciated. That, in turn, motivates your partner to change in ways that lead to even more joy and happiness in a relationship.

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6. Experiment Often

It’s human nature to get bored with the same things. If you want to turn your relationship around, experiment. Flirt often. Try new things. There’s always room for experimentation, especially when you’re in bed with your partner. Good sex forms one of the most important pillars of a successful relationship. Take things to an all-new level and make sure your partner is satisfied. A realistic dildo may be your new best friend. Try giving it a shot and thank us later!

7. Fight Fairly

Conflicts and arguments are a part of every relationship. Make sure that they are healthy. If a fight begins, try to change the subject, incorporate humor, and have compassion for your partner while showing extra appreciation.

Research by the University of California states that early divorces have happened because; couples fought long, loud and are always defensive. A healthy and happy couple avoids critical thoughts and keeps discussions away from escalating.

8. Pick The Right Time To Argue

Never initiate a potentially rough thought if you are unrested and well-fed. Hunger, fatigue, and sleep deprivation can unleash nasty remarks and dark opinions.

Don’t try to deal with a serious matter if you have an eye on others. Switch off the TV, laptop, and mobile phones while communicating with your partner. If you are distracted, pick another time to talk. You can’t resolve conflicts while your mind is occupied elsewhere.

9. Learn To Listen

The single and most powerful step in a relationship is to speak less and listen more. When feelings are an issue, they need to be listened to. Therefore, nod or rephrase to show honor to the emotions left behind the words. Sometimes, we all crave for attention from our significant other.

10. Learn To Forgive

The word sorry makes a difference. But, an accepted apology does not mean that you can be mistreated again. Forgiveness means that you are letting go of the past mistakes, to allow for new possibilities in the future.

Turning your relationship around won’t happen overnight. It requires constant effort from both partners. But once you dedicate yourself to loving your partner, there’s no way things won’t turn in your favor!