11 Amazing Beauty Hacks With Baby Powder


Beauty hacks with baby powder-All of us have seen that famous baby powder advertisement, in which they show people apply baby powder on their babies’ skin (so cute, aren’t they?!). But did you know, that apart from being good for the baby’s tender skin, this powder can help us, grown-up adults, too? No? Then you need to read this! Here we have collected a few beauty hacks with baby powder which will make life much more comfortable. Take a look.

11 Amazing Beauty Hacks With Baby Powder

1. Perfect prep for your face

Applying baby powder as a prime on your face helps a lot while doing makeup. It helps with even foundation application too.

11 Amazing Beauty Hacks With Baby Powder

2. Helps in baking makeup

Applying baby powder on the face as a Base,  or as they say, for baking , helps a lot in the evening out of the make up . Bake your face with baby powder,  then leave for ten mins, then dust it off and then apply mascara to get glowing skin!

3. Thickens and elongates eyelashes

Apply baby powder to the roots of your eyelashes and then apply mascara. It will not only lengthen your lashes but also will thicken them. No add-on lashes needed!

4. Mattifies your lips

After putting on lipstick, take a tissue. Keep it over your lips and with a makeup brush apply baby powder on your lips. When you remove the fabric, your lips will have a mattè effect and also the lipstick will last longer.

5. Removes spots from skin

Add some water to the baby powder and mix it. Then apply it on the spots on your face. Spotless face ready!

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6. Works great as dry shampoo

Having an oily-hair day? No worries! Take a little bit of baby powder and apply it on the roots of your hair. Massage it and even it out. Enjoy oil-free hair!

7. Helps in waxing

Before waxing, apply baby powder on your hands and on the area that is to be waxed. It helps in cooling the skin off, and it also makes it easier for the wax to latch onto the surface.

8. Keeps the bed cool!

Sprinkle baby powder on the sheets before sleeping. It helps in cooling down while sleeping at night.

9. Helps in dusting off and stuck with you

Applying baby powder on areas where sand is stuck helps in dusting it off as baby powder soaks up all the sweat and water, which leaves the sand. So dust it off!

10. Heals blisters and prevents them from increasing

Baby powder can treat blisters which develop due to for example wearing shoes for extended periods. Apply baby powder on the Blisters,  which will prevent the formation of more Blisters on your skin.

11. Removes oil stains on clothes

Dropped something oily on the shirt while eating or cooking?  No worry! Apply some baby powder on the shirt. Smear it properly on the stain. Leave it overnight. Dust it off and stainless cloth is ready!