Friends have been one of the most popular television series. It has become the hot topic of discussion among the youngsters. These series have impressed all of us. We felt bad when the show was ended. The six characters that were Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross and Joey performed very well. They all did a splendid job and took away our hearts. But despite this, there were some mistakes which you all fail to notice. Shocked? But this is true.

Let have a look at some of these

1 The Orange sofa

It was always reserved for the six friends

2 The Pilot

It is very surprising what we saw in The pilot episode and what we saw in The one with the flashback episode was weird. The things did not match. In the pilot episode, we saw that Rachel was introduced to Chandler and he did not know him, but a few weeks later it was shown in the flashback that they knew each other from high school. This is a big mistake well

3 Alessandro

Well, I am sure that you fail to notice the jar in Alessandro. Right? Well, it was for the purpose that whenever Monica yelled or cursed everyone has to put money in that jar.

4 Window

You all fans must have failed to notice the window in Monica’s kitchen. The scenes outside the window were always different and kept on changing. Sometimes sometimes bricks stairs and sometimes even nothing.

5 The Magna doodle board

The board always has something written on it, When Monica came in a relationship, there was a heart on d board with the initials. Sometimes funny messages were also shown on the board. It was interesting

6 The surnames

The surname “Arquette” was added to everyone’s names in honor of Courtney and David’s marriage in episode 1 of season 6.

7 Same age

It is incredible that Ross age was 29 in season 2,3 and 4. I mean seriously he was of equal age for three seasons, and the more exciting thing was Geller has two birthdays one in October and second in December.

8 The Closest friends

Chandler friends never laugh at his joke, but all of us do. His comments were awesome.

9 The Nurse

Joey’s agent Estella Leonardo also played the role of the nurse in the episode when Ross son was born.

10 The Belly

You know in the episode when Chandler came with adopted twins at that time in real life Courtney Cox was pregnant, and her belly was noticeable.

11 The Wedding dress

In an episode, Monica picks up Emily dress and wear it. They were  both supposed to wear the same clothing, but the dress they wore was different


That where all the flaws. Want to know more follow this site. 🙂